Life… wonderful, colorful, funfilled, painful, tasty

Yesterday began after 9.5 hours of beautiful uninterrupted sleep brought to me by NyQuil. I don’t have a cold, but I don’t sleep well and I knew that after that 24 mile run, I could use some real rest. So sue me.

I got up with enough time to have a cup of Joe and then make it to the restorative yoga class. JUST MY LUCK it was concentrating on lower body! ❤

After class, Paul and I ran a few errands. Came home with a few things of note: Fresh Market tiramasu coffee beans, Woodchuck Summer Brew (with blueberry…), and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Everything But The…

Brewed the coffee immediately upon arriving home. DELICIOUS. I think even Paul enjoyed it. 🙂


It’s all fun and games until someone stubs their toe…

IMG_4073[1]So that happened… yeah. I don’t know how I stubbed THAT toe. I can honestly say that’s never happened before. But by God, I NAILED it. Like a professional idiot… I hit it so hard that I felt heat through my ears. I’m not convinced it isn’t broke.

And it is angry.

Friday night brought our first game night. Tried the Woodchuck. DELICIOUS. I don’t drink much, but I do enjoy cider beer on occasion.


He had to sit on his hands when it wasn’t his turn. He was trying to google something.IMG_4068[1]

Paul had to wrap himself up… he called this “last minute gift wrap”. oh that silver fist you see? He had to keep his hand wrapped in aluminum foil to avoid a penalty. Apparently, it was hot and sweaty in there.IMG_4066[1]

Had to wear something with a chinstrap and stuff the box in her shirt.

Quelf… It’s sure to entertain. 😉 I laughed to the point of tears a few times.

After they left, Paul kicked me out of the kitchen to do dishes and I threw a fit so I sat in the floor and tried the new ice cream (also delicious).

Went to bed by 10 (without the assistance of NyQuil) and woke up 630 for toast and coffee before heading out the door with Paul to a Team RWB (Red White and Blue) event in Columbus. It was crossfit style workout (HIIT varied workout) with a local gym (not crossfit affiliated). It was my first time attending a Team RWB event and I am insanely glad my husband went with me. Team RWB is a non profit organization that helps integrate veterans and current military member into a community. Anyone can join (whether in military or not). They host a slew of events (runs, bike rides, rock climbing, social events, etc etc) and it is a truly incredible project. If you are interested in seeing if there is one in your area, check out their site!

ANYWAY. It was an insanely humid morning. and we were in a inlet surrounded by bricks but no breeze. We did push press, battle tire, rope waves, kettle bell swings, goblet squats, sled drag/pull, renegade rows, and ball slams. 22 minutes of work total (30 sec at each station for warmup. Then 3 rounds at 1:00 each, :45sec each, :30sec each). Sweat was POURING off. Paul discovered they had a “shirts remain on policy”. He wasn’t too thrilled. My toe only provided brief moments of pain.

wod todayThat’s Paul and I in the bottom right hand corner at the battle tire station 🙂

We went home, showered, ate a quick bite (paul made it!), hooked the pooch up to a leash and headed out to the local farmer’s market!

IMG_4074[1]Fresh local Gala apples ❤ Fall is very near folks. and melt in the mouth savory cinnamon nut bread. Like I said, it was hot and we brought our dog so we kept it short out there like responsible puppy parents.

Took a 4 hour nap before 16 hr overnight shift and woke up to sauteed asparagus and summer squash. Mmmm.

Now, I am at work. 😦 It’s been a busy night so far for a dispatcher because of the Auburn ballgame. Lots of elderly people with heat problems and underaged females vomiting and passed out. -_-

Tomorrow was supposed to be a run day, but it looks like God is telling me I need to rest my legs. I might do some core work. Or I might sleep and read all day. Who knows 🙂 I do need to spend some time in the kitchen making almond flour chicken tenders and quinoa fried rice

Monday, I learn how to drive a stick shift!! That’s sure to test Paul’s patience!

Have you ever stubbed your toe that badly?
What’s your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s?
You a cider beer fan?
Have a favorite board game?
What have you done this weekend?!

2 thoughts on “Life… wonderful, colorful, funfilled, painful, tasty

  1. Haven’t stubbed my toe badly, but always drop things on my toes. I am so prone to dropping things as soon as something slips out of my hands I jump away – sometimes I get out of the way, other times, not so lucky.

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