Epic Roadtrip WrapUp: Days 12-14



I woke up in my super comfy hotel bed hungry and ready to see Pittsburgh. Of course, we gotta hunt down some breakfast first. If you’ve been following the roadtrip, you may be able to predict what my breakfast will consist of… We found a restaurant with incredible reviews of a place called DeLuca’s and decided to give it a whirl.


Yep. Pancakes and an omelet. Surprise, surprise. 🙂 Cinnamon Roll Pancakes and a California omelet (Avocado, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, sweet roasted red peppers, Swiss & sour cream) to be exact. BEST OMELET EVER. It was delicious. Great way to start the day ❤

The plan was to board the Just Ducky Tour but the noon show was sold out and we had to wait until 330. We explored the little Station Square mall and found The Heritage Wine Cellar. Paul and I don’t even drink wine… uhhh officially CONVERTED. The woman in there was incredibly patient as we sampled various wines. I knew going in I only wanted sweet. I’ve tried other wines and they were a no-go. We left with two bottles: dark cherry and very beary blackberry… If we would have hung out for longer, we would have left with more. We had a tough time choosing only two.

We relaxed in a warm coffee shop for a long time while we waited for it to be time to check in and wait in line to board our amphibious vehicle. I was ridiculously excited about this tour since I enjoyed the tour of Cleveland so much. PLUS who doesn’t think it’s cool to roll around town and then on into the water with the same vehicle?

IMG_4878[1]There were a plethora of BAD duck jokes and play on words that kept everyone chuckling. It was a completely unique experience. I learned that the vehicles are from WWII, that people can park boats near the Pirates and Steelers stadiums, and that Mr. Rogers oversees the rivers. Okay, okay… in all fairness, I was told a lot more than that, but do not retain information well if I just hear it. I have to hear and see generally. Paul enjoyed the tour more than I did, but I think I allowed how much I enjoyed Cleveland to taint Pittsburgh and that’s just not fair.


After the tour, we got a scoop of Hershey’s ice cream to split and headed back to Cranberry Township to relax beside the fire with David and Heather (brother and sister in law we are there to see) and company. Grilled steaks and baked sweet potatoes for dinner with a glass of wine (not one of the ones we bought, but they had one called Man Teaser… yeah I can’t make that shit up) beside the bonfire in a sand pit.


That pretty much wraps up day 12 in a neat little package.

Day 13 is when the adventure home begins. We wake up early and decide to enjoy breakfast at another local, highly recommended diner near our one tourist stop of the morning… Canton Ave reportedly the steepest street in the world (further research shows that’s inaccurate, but whatever). Yep. That was our must see thing… We snagged breakfast at Dor-Stop Restaurant (strange name, eh?) and guess what?!?!? OMELETS AND PANCAKES AGAIN. That sh*t never ever ever ever EVER gets old to me. Ever.


Blueberry banana pancakes. MY MOUTH IS LITERALLY WATERING REMEMBERING HOW INCREDIBLE. Paul had an omelet that was spicy enough that one bite light my arse on fi-ya.


In case you’re like, pssssht that hill looks like a sissy, I have some things to point out. THAT SIDEWALK? steps THAT SISSY LOOKING HILL? 33.3% gradient or something nuts. It’s only a .1 Mi hill though.

CAN YOU IMAGINE?! These are superhumans no doubt

Moving on… the plan was to get to Knoxville, TN and workout while we waited on my friend to get off work and home but to stop in every state along the way.

IMG_4714[1] IMG_4718[1]

Ate at some fastfood philly place (Steakscape) in Charleston, WV that assured me I would have a great sub. Paul did while mine was mediocre at best. We stopped in Bristol, VA (the birthplace of country music) in hopes of finding a Virginia postcard. No such luck. But we did find a delicious cream cheese cookie that we weren’t looking for. 🙂

By the time we made it into the Knoxville area, there was no time left to get our sweat on and we mutually decided not to even try. If we would have, we wouldn’t have been able to spend time with my friend. She made a cheesy, broccoli chicken pasta with a caesar salad. Somehow wine came back into the picture? Jessie has never been a wine drinker either. Weird how we have both recently, and without knowing about the other, have been converted… We watched Draft Day. Then went to bed. Simple and wonderful. Perfect evening to wind down the day.

Day 14 begins with my final breakfast at a diner…

IMG_4723[1] IMG_4721[1]

Carrot cake pancakes with 2 eggs and chewy bacon for me. Some sort of breakfast skillet for Paul. I washed down my scrumptious breakfast with really good, fresh coffee and pumpkin spice creamer ❤  Apparently, this particular breakfast served as the most filling for my husband. He didn’t finish it! The name of the diner was First Watch (strange name for a diner… but whatever) and is in Farragut, TN.

We made it the 5 hour drive home without incident. Grabbed a deli pizza from Walmart to bake and shared a large bag of steamed veggies to stuff our faces with as we had a Supernatural marathon. We needed a lazy evening to recover from all that roadtripping! 🙂

It only took me a week after finishing the roadtrip to get it all blogged… that’s an improvement for me I think…

Total costs of roadtrip : 2,258.45
464.24 in fuel
380 in hotels and campsites
722.93 on food…
that’s 1,567.17 right there!
That means we spent less than 1,00o on misc things like wine, energy drinks, toll roads, gym, parking… and touristy stuff! We covered 3200 miles.

There you have it, epic road trip comes to an end and life returns to “normal”

5 thoughts on “Epic Roadtrip WrapUp: Days 12-14

  1. What an epic trip! Love it! All those pancakes you had look amazing! I need more recipes for amazing pancakes. They’re practically a food-group for me. I’m not much into wine, unless it tastes like dessert.

    • ohhhhh pancakes… flat doughnuts… fried cake with syrup… heaven… definitely one of my favorite things ever…… The most creative thing I’ve done with pancakes is put raisins and cinnamon in. They are pretty much a food group. I think we would get along juuuuuust fine. and the wines I drink taste like fruit juice with a tiny alcohol bonus 🙂

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