Life… wonderful, colorful, funfilled, painful, tasty

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Draaaagin My Stumps For A Long Run

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Life is Best Enjoyed with Improvisation Skills

I learned a lesson on Saturday while I was working the Auburn football game (as a first responder)… if you do not want to do work at an EMT-Basic, do NOT tell anyone you have a license to be an EMT-B.  When sh!t hits the fan, that person will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat and the next thing you know, you are in the back of an ambulance traveling emergency to the hospital trying to stand upright as you search for lubricant for the naso-pharyngeal airway (aka NPA that secures an open airway through the nose of a patient). I imagine it’s almost like surfing. Haha. Maybe not quite, but it was a killer quad workout.  I left the game after halftime in order to secure a couple hours of sleep before my long Sunday.

Sunday was volunteer work day in Atlanta. I woke up at 2am, made myself a cup of coffee and a bowl of protein oatmeal, and went about getting some snacks together for the day. The hubbs and I made the 2 hour journey to report for gear check… small tent with 30+ scheduled people. We abandoned ship. I know, I know… that makes us sound terrible. We were there for 45 minutes and I even dived in and helped but it literally got overcrowded at that tent.

We decided it was time that we have some “us” time in Atlanta and explore a little. So we drove around downtown noting building structures and singing songs together. We passed a sign for the legoland discovery center and looked up the hours and notated that we would be back by to see that around 11am.  We had to stop and use the restroom at a hospital because there were no others around.  Accidentally hopped onto the upward moving elevator afterwards and just rode to the top with a nurse (I was laughing rather heartily).

I hate being cooped up so finally I asked if we could travel by foot in a clean gorgeous part

Broadway Diner... little charmer for breakfast.

Broadway Diner… little charmer for breakfast.

of the city, so Paul parked and we walked… and walked… talking, laughing, enjoying the sights, and holding hands along the way.  Eventually, come 830 am, we decided it was time to double back to a 24 hour diner that we had seen to have some breakfast.  He had eggs benedict and I just had scrambled eggs with bacon. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmm.

We walked some more, and securing Starbucks, we

Badminton in Mid-Town Atlanta?! YES PLEASE! (we wound up disappointed because someone purposefully destroyed the racquets)

Badminton in Mid-Town Atlanta?! YES PLEASE! (we wound up disappointed because someone purposefully destroyed the racquets)

knew we were good to keep walking.  We found a plethora of restaurants that we would love to try at some point, including The Melting Pot (my mouth was practically drooling as I read that menu).  I was jealous of all of the runners out there with their runner partners and hilly, beautiful “Midtown” Atlanta pathways… I mentioned this probably 4039 times while we were out and Paul was jealous of all of the people out with their “puppy”. Paul calls any dog a puppy… even if they are small bears. Haha.

Enthusiasm coming into Legoland Discovery Center

Enthusiasm coming into Legoland Discovery Center

Eventually, it was time for Legoland Discovery Center.  We parked what seemed like forever away (at least 20min walk or so and we walk fast) and took a route that had no sidewalks, I managed to slather myself with red mud…. but we made it and we were excited…….. only to be turned away because it is for kids only. We were totally defeated at this point.  We did take our time browsing the lego store next door though.  We took the long way back to the car that had sidewalks the entire way and then we put Atlanta in our rearview.  (We will be back next week with a couple that has a kid. YAY!)

We took a nap, snagged some Mexican food from a nearby restaurant we have never been (cheatmeal!!), and had another short adventure grocery shopping together (he woke up from the nap slightly on the obnoxious side of things).  I had to guard the contents of the shopping cart… otherwise we would have left with cinnamon rolls, tasty kakes, and whatever else the crazy man put in there.

While Paul and I had, quite literally, NOTHING go right (or according to plan) on Sunday… We were able to enjoy one another for the entire day.  That’s rare for us and I’ll gladly accept it.  There was a lot of quick witted humor between us (mostly from me, I was ON it) and a lot of laughter. Precious gems in life.

BONUS: We probably trekked 8-10 miles by the end of the day (ACTIVE REST DAY anyone??!!)


MidTown Atlanta… gorgeous area. Saw a lambo drive by… yeah, I felt like I didn’t belong there. haha.

This is THE ULTIMATE lesson: Some people live their entire lives playing according to a particular sheet of music…. Sunday served as a reminder that life is best enjoyed with improvisation skills. You never know when the sheet of music will blow away.


Strange parking garage that we walked through… Just felt strange looking left and seeing a beautiful little wooded area that we would have missed without the detours and bizarre-ness of yesterday