Steamy Mug of Fluid Time and the 2nd Half of Labor Day Weekend

IMG_4113[1]IMG_4129[1]We all have our rituals… Some need coffee before spoken to. Some need a shower and a sweat. Some need to take off their shoes immediately after work to relieve stress. So on and so forth. I personally need coffee to function. Coffee is my ritual. However, today I am cheating on coffee with tea. Luckily, it still fits into the steamy mug of fluid category ❤ It’s my first time brewing this and I brewed it a bit weak, but it is delicious. It smells like fall and heaven. Plus it houses less caffeine which will make my nap following this before I work tonight that much more peaceful.

Let’s discuss the second half of the “the weekend”. I don’t think it counts as a weekend when I worked so much… but anywho. Sunday was not the beautiful lazy day full of reading and relaxation. I worked one hour over in the morning and then picked up a 12 hour shift Sunday night (that gave me 5 hours of OT). I did some food prep with Quinoa Fried Rice, baked chicken thighs, and Bacon Fried Shredded Cabbage. Then I took a small coma after I did Day 8 and 9 of the Batman Challenge. (I skipped day 8 on Saturday. I thought I would get to it at work that night, but I didn’t.

day8 day9I added some variety to day 9 with sumo squats and side planks. Then I decided that I will repeat Day 8 until I am able to complete it without breaking up those 3 sets of 10 pushups. (I broke up the last set into 7 and 3).

When I got home from work Monday morning, Paul made coffee and breakfast and we lounged around to watch a couple episodes of House. Then it was time to have my first stick shift driving lesson. It didn’t last long. I am far too hard on myself and got frustrated quickly. Very quickly. Paul was doing a great job being patient, but I just could not handle that kind of frustration. I took 2 naps, ate delicious dinner, cuddled with the puppy and the husband, gawked at the sunset storm building practically overhead, and had a few bites of Everything But The… ice cream ❤ 





This pic is after gawking at the storm with thunder (the dog is afraid of storms) and while having a few bites of ice cream before nap #2. She is cuddling with Pauls leg. ❤ too pathetic and cute not to take a picture of

IMG_4125[1]Brings us to today…

I went to CrossFit at 1000. Despite the toe causing me pain… despite a solid night of rest in a few days… I still went.

I knew my 1 rep clean was 115 so I settled on 105# for my 5 single reps of the clean and jerk. The cleans looked a bit nasty at first, but by the last two singles, I felt more confident and comfortable with them.

My coach accidentally clocked me in the head as we were helping another guy break down his clean and jerk bar. Caught me pretty good just above the left ear. I walked it off. 😉

For part 2 I used 65# and completed 6 rounds plus 4 hang cleans. It all came pretty easy except for those thrusters. They are nasty, nasty creatures. I firmly believe they are derived from hell and after this workout, I realize I hate them more than burpees. Far, far, far, FAR more. I sorta wish I had done the weight as written… but I didn’t and there is nothing I can do about it now.

I FINALLY took the time to do some mobility work after the workout too. IT band concentration and some quad rollout. I’ve got some knots up in there.

IMG_4120[1] IMG_4123[1]This is how badly I was sweating AFTER spending almost 10 minutes after the workout on mobility.

It’s shower and nap time. I’m gonna try to get 5 hours before it’s time to wake up and go to work again.

Do you drink tea? What kind and how do you fix it up?
How was your Labor Day weekend?

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