Workout Catch-up

  I swear I’ve been working out… CrossFit, running, and cross training…. So here’s my past 3 day rundown as well as what the rest of my week has in store for me. MONDAY- I rode the bike for 50 … Continue reading

Interesting, Inspirational, Smile

I thought I was crazy for considering an half-IronMan (since I can’t swim) and many think I’m crazy for having ran 50 miles……. A fellow blogger tells of the insanity of UltraMan…. “Pure grit and a love of endurance sports … Continue reading

Frozen and New Running Kicks

In order to appreciate a piece of my weekend, you must spend 1 minute watching this video…. then resume reading šŸ™‚ Olaf Clip from Frozen Hubby and I saw Frozen on Saturday and it did not take long for me … Continue reading

Very BUSY Weekend

Hubby had a 4-Day weekend thanks to President’s day so I will just claim that weekend as my weekend length too for the purposes of this post. (it makes me fee like I accomplished a lot if I do) Friday … Continue reading



I HAVE A SLOT ON THE TENNESSEE ARMY NATIONAL GUARD 2014 MARATHON TEAM TO RUN IN LINCOLN NEBRASKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big, big, BIG deal to me. The best part is I didn’t need a blitzing time or anything to qualify. I qualified … Continue reading


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I knew I could flush those photos out of hubby’s phone if I called him out on it. šŸ˜‰ I’m such a schemer. Is that an actual word? I don’t know, don’t care… it’s not important. The ONLY way to … Continue reading