Draaaagin My Stumps For A Long Run

I ran 24 miles today. Before I go into that, I need to back up a minute to let you know that Tuesday is lower body day at CrossFit and I did 5 rounds for time of 15 Snatches, 15 Knees to Elbow (it was supposed to be toes to bar), 20 Front Squats, and 20 butterfly situps. Wednesday was a cardio day…

IMG_3970[1]Clearly, it was tough. I struggled with the double-unders. They kill my calves. I rolled them out, took a Epsom salt bath, took ibuprofen, and crammed them into compression socks. Then I loaded music onto my phone to see what difference it would make (since last week I was trapped with none due to spotty service).

Our friend Rico came over for dinner. We make it together (teaching him his way around a kitchen) and then we eat together.


Pepperoni and Spinach Stuffed Chicken, garlic butter spinach pasta (whole wheat), and steamed broccoli with a spicy seasoning. Scrumptious.

Practically threw him out around 715 so I could go to bed. I wasn’t tired, but my wonderful husband MADE me get into bed and gave me some NyQuil to knock me out and help encourage my body to sleep through the night (I struggle with that). AND he took my phone. HOW DARE HE… fiiiiiiiiine. I’m glad he did.

Wake Up 3am. Dress (elected not to wear calf sleeves because my calves felt good). Coffee. Ezekial bread with chia seeds, almond butter, and EnjoyLife mini choc chips (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This works for me). Kiss husband goodbye. Out the door just before 4am. No missed turn today so I was on base and where I needed to be at 4:30.

The Plan: run downhill and flatland. walk uphill and when fueling. No headphones. Fuel every 4.
The Goal: under 4:30 (last week I did 21 in 3:45)

IMG_3990[1]1.84 abandoning calf sleeves was a terrible idea
3.0 12.5% done. ughhhh. Why did I do this a day early again?
4.0 devour gummy bears
5.95 Headlamp illuminates a spider thread and I turned into a ninja
6.09 I think the music helps, overall I’m more positive today despite lead legs
7.71 A friend texts a well wish on my run. Yay!
7.97 Is that a coyote?
7.99 Why isn’t it running away (as I’m approx 5yds away from it)
8.0 A coyote that isn’t scared of me scares me. DEAD SPRINT. That b*tch can’t think I’m weak.
8.11 okay, I think I’m safe. Eat 3 Clif Bloks
8.9 dawn is beginning to break. this mile seems like its taking forever.
10.85 FOOTLOOSE well, that put some pep in my step. I didn’t know there was a lake out this way?
11.16 Here Comes The Sun. Doot do doot doot (The Beatles song came onΒ at the perfect time)
12.0 aka as 0.0… I’ve made it through the hardest part. I’ve got no choice but to travel the 12 miles back πŸ™‚ Eat the other 3 Bloks
12.5 yeesh. Running into the ruckin’ soldiers (Rangers, I believe, but am unsure). This first guy is only a mile behind me! Carrying all that gear. Mixed emotions of pure awe of him and frustration at myself.
13.06 Soldier 3 is seriously struggling and Soldier 4 stops to help encourage him. I got chill bumps
13.45 Lost track of the number but one says to me “you runnin a marathon” I manage to say huff out “no. 24 miles” and he called me crazy… o_O
14.65 broke the hose holder on my water source pak thingy.
IMG_4009[1]16.0 Salted Caramel GU PLEEEEEEEEASE…. om nom nom nom.Thunderstruck comes on and I sing “Yeah yeah quads are struck….yeah yeah calves are struck…. yeah I was shakin like a leaf”
17.58 Unless something goes drastically wrong, I will hit my 4:30 goal.
18.54 Feeling a bit elated. I’m trying to “shake shake, shake shake a shake it” to Metrostation (I probably looked like I was seizing… no witnesses)
20 I’m running on leg shaped wet sandbags
22 DON’T STOP BELIEVING good timing. The neverending hill starts here
23.7 I SEE MY CAR.
23.86 I feel a slight pull in the right knee. I’ll just walk the last bit. “Move along, move along just to make it through” (again with the good timing of music


IMG_4037 IMG_4044Frustrated it was slower than last week. I know I shouldn’t be. I know what that I pushed my legs pretty far. So I know that I should walk with my head held high. I inhaled my amped up chocolate milk and banana. Then stretched.

Once I got home, I took a shower until the water turned cold, brewed some coffee, completed day 6 of the Batman Challenge (while the coffee brewed), ate (so fast that I didn’t even think to take a picture), and enjoyed my cup of Joe.


When is the last time you enjoyed a sunrise? Or sunset?
Do you have a routine you go through when muscles are particularly fatigued?
What are some songs that just add joy to your life? To your workout?

7 thoughts on “Draaaagin My Stumps For A Long Run

  1. Impressive run! I could particularly relate to the ninja spider thread comment. Most insects turn me into a ninja (except I curse too). I recall a few sunset/moon view runs from last winter that were pretty spectacular.

    • haha. on Angie. Doooon’t you worry. Expletives fall out of my mouth often. Particularly the one that rhymes with truck. haha. For some reason, it didn’t happen today? Instead my instant thought was a praise to my legs for proving to be agile still. πŸ™‚ ooooh winter! i bet they would be amazing sometimes! We don’t really get a winter where I am… It gets chilly, not snowy.

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