Workout Catch-up


I swear I’ve been working out… CrossFit, running, and cross training…. So here’s my past 3 day rundown as well as what the rest of my week has in store for me.



MONDAY- I rode the bike for 50 min (as noted)… that hurt my arse… I haven’t been on a bike in what seems like ages.  I did intervals in a 60/120 second fashion. Work hard for 60 and easy for 120.  That evening they were doing an EMOM (every minute on the minute) of 10 kettlebell swings. I decided that was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at 53#. WHEW. I survived all 10 rounds…. my forearms felt like they were going to explode. I struggled a little with control (since the kettlebell was something like 42% of my body weight) but managed full head-through-the-window swings for 95/100. Too bad that wasn’t the end of the workout.  Next up was a 15 minute AMRAP (as many reps/rounds as possible) with box jumps, wall ball shots, and front squats (sets of 7)…. I gave it my all… I completed 8 rounds and 12 reps into the 9th round. It was a very, very satisfying day for me (I’m in the left bay door, the gal on the right…. just so you know I didn’t snag some random photo)


TUESDAY- (not yet noted above is a 3mi run at a consistent “easy” pace of 6.5mph that I did after an interview for a new job)…. but I have pictures! Interview, post run, and a reward for nailing both 😉

ImageNow lets discuss Tuesday’s WOD….. there was a buy-in of 50 butterfly situps and then 3 rounds of strict pull-ups and push press (21-15-9 rep count) separated by an 800m run with a 50 butterfly situp buy-out…. it looked super yucky and I was already sore from those heavy kettlebell swings from the day before…. So I knew I had to go. I will not back down and be a wimp! I refuse! I did have to use a band and even then I struggled to pull off those pull-ups (on the orange box, that’s me).  I did progressively more difficult weight as the rep count went down… started at 55# then 65# and finally 75# for the last 9 reps.  I wore my new shoes for their first stroll outside and LOVE them 🙂 I think it was my running that gave me such a great time of 23:57. I was very pleased with this result. I must work on pullups though. MUST.

menawa 22514

WEDNESDAY: I went to the o’dark thirty WOD this morning. I work 8pm-8am overnight and will need to make sure I get a nap in before hubby comes home so I can spend time with him before I’m gone for the weekend (drill weekend)… Anyway, we started off with mobility

I'm not in here... I did participate though. whew... talk about an awkward pain

I’m not in here… I did participate though. whew… talk about an awkward pain

Then we did 4 rounds of 45sec of hollow rocks with 15 sec of rest. HOLY MOTHER OF OW. and then we moved onto the workout for the day. 12min AMRAP with double unders, slam balls, and hang power cleans…. I decided I would use today more of a strength and skill day and didn’t really go for the cardio effect (I get plenty of cardio throughout the week)…. so I actually worked on double unders in a jump-jump-double under fashion and did 10 of that combination before I moved on to 25# ball slams (most females did 15#) and 80# hang power cleans. I did manage to finish 5 rounds and 8 reps into round 6…

my face says it all here. I am desperately willing that to come up onto my shoulders.

my face says it all here. I am desperately willing that to come up onto my shoulders.

I’ve ALMOST earned my rest day tomorrow. I just have a little 30min easy-medium difficulty elliptical session followed by a good stretch session to survive.  Friday brings a 8mi trail run with my brother for my long run in week 2 of my marathon training…. SOOOOOOOO excited. It’s such a treat to run with him! Then I’ll have Saturday and Sunday off because we are out in the field for the drill weekend. I have little sleep and no access to an opportunity for anything fitness related. Which brings me back around to Monday when I will do my 14.1 workout of The Open 🙂 🙂 🙂

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