Tell Me I’m NOT Alone

Tell Me I'm NOT Alone

I have a marathon May 4…. “May the fourth be with you” This is perfect…. or something similar…. but come on….. ANYONE AGREE?!?!? 😉 I’m totally geeking out right now

The National Guard wouldn’t veto my fun would they? I probably have to wear a shirt that matches the other two on the team…. Don’t you worry, I will find a way to include Star Wars…. doooooon’t you dare worry 🙂

6 thoughts on “Tell Me I’m NOT Alone

  1. I’d have a blast with that too I’m sure. There’s nothing wrong with being geeky. Just perhaps don’t run the marathon in a starwars costume, as that might not be all that conducive to fast running… 😉

    • holy crap that’s PERFECT! ❤ I don't know how to approach that conversation with a colonel…

      Sir, I think we should geek out the marathon with Star Wars shirts…… sir.


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