Busy Being Awesome

I have been MIA from my blog and my fitness facebook page and pinterest and instagram….. far more than usual recently.

busy being awesome

Life kinda took me by the hand and kept pulling me into a constantly moving direction. I’m really not complaining though. I’ve enjoyed the past several days.

Thursday was a beautiful day that included a nap and taking Miss Roxanne on a walk in the sunshine where we were forced to detour and found this incredible piano outside because of it. I really took the time to look around and see the beauty in things.

weekend (5)

Thursday evening my husband and I went to the head-to-head battle event of two local coaches for 14.3. One of the coaches is from my gym and he is just amazing.  He is so incredibly humble regarding his strength and heart.  It’s refreshing and insanely inspirational. I came there because he usually works out when few people are around and I was thrilled at the chance to see him go straight beast mode. I was not disappointed…. I left inspired and have a deeper respect for Coach Craig.

photo 1

Friday rolled around and I strolled on into the gym at 0530 to use the only opportunity I would have to do 14.3 for myself. A progression of deadlifts increasing in rep count and weights with a set of 15 box jumps in between for 8 minutes. I walked in with confidence. I was going to do my best. I moved with ease through my 10reps of 95#, moved with stubborn-ness through 15 reps of 135#, moved with determination through 20 reps of 155#, and managed to struggle 1 rep of 185# in before the time was up. with the sets of 15 box jumps between weight changes, that is 91 reps. I am SO so so so so so happy with that. My back wasn’t… but I was. I did have a lot of encouragement as I moved along from Coach Craig and the girl judging me.

Bright and early Saturday, the hubby and I headed towards east TN where my brother lives in order to hang out and celebrate his birthday weekend by gracing him with our presence and joining in for a trail race on his actual birthday! 5 hours later, we arrive and request an early lunch. I made the executive decision for the group that we were going for ice cream so we went to a local place that’s famous in the small town to pacify the sweet tooth. Hubby and I split a banana split.

it's okay to be jealous

it’s okay to be jealous

We all sat down and watched Reign Over Me (serious but good, so good… sad, but so good). My brother wanted me to watching it so much that he brewed us coffee and brought in everything I might need to make my coffee the way I drink it.  It made me feel like royalty… and like I have the best brother EVER.

weekend (3)

We watched the Spartans play some incredible basketball against the Badgers, ate dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s with another couple, and had homemade banana pudding for dessert (made with CREAM CHEESE, holy mother of all things wonderful….. so good).

We brought Miss Roxanne with us and the pure energy that radiated from her and their dog Lilly was ridiculous! We took them outside to play fetch to the point of exhaustion 3 times to help burn off the energy and help tire them since they were going to be in a kennel for 12 hours or so on Sunday. Roxanne didn’t ever want to let go of the tennis ball and so she came up with her own solution to that problem when she became overwhelmingly thirsty.

photo 2

Race Recap/Birthday Breakdown will come later. It was quite the day and deserves it’s own moment of glory.

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