ADHD Always Wins

Alright, I know… I KNOW…. I’ve been MIA for over 2 months now. My ADHD has ran away with me. ADHD always wins… I’m working on reigning it in again. Slowly… ANYWAY.

keep calm and squirrel

I’ve been reading, doing the Army thing (the featured image is my buddy and I working on a real patient actually! and yes, I have permission for that photo), ran a “5 mile” trail race, cooking and eating some great food (I shall share some soon. I still have the picture. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I know, I know), watching House, running one long run a week, working, doing yoga at random, laughing, planning details for the upcoming 2 week roadtrip, doing crossfit approx 4x a week…. so on so forth.


What’s new? Uhmm… I did switch gyms. I am a very happy member of CrossFit Deprivation now. I usually go at 10am because it’s convenient for work and it’s AWESOME. Why? Because I have had no class size larger than 4 people! My husband seals the deal on his new to him car, a 2010 Mazda Speed.

I completed my first CrossFit competition today (more on that tomorrow) and am half a step away from bedtime. It was surreal to know I was there to compete. Alicia was my goofy teammate and my husband came to support! ❤

photo 1photo 3photo 2

September will be fun. Sept 6 my favorite college football team, Michigan State, will play my husband’s team, Oregon. Divorce is likely. His birthday is the 7th. We leave the 11th for our epic 2 week vacation where I will survive a 50k, travel in something like 8 states, and eventually watch my brother run in the 24hr National Championship in Cleveland, OH.

and FYI, I did spend 5 hours on a very long and detailed breakdown of my 17 day Army training in July that was followed by a week long vacation with my brother in TN… TWO blogs actually. I was working on them together. Somehow, I did something weird or crazy and it deleted then draft saved the blank page. I blame the Starbucks distractions and my ADHD. I think my elbow did something crazy.

something like thatI will be back during coffee time tomorrow to compose a post competition review thing-a-ma-jig!


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