Epic Road Trip Day 7&8

4 am comes ridiculously early no matter how early you go to bed… We managed to break down the tent, brush our teeth, and head out by 445 down the state of Michigan towards Grand Rapids where we would be stopping for breakfast at The Red Geranium. I was allowed an one hour nap because I hadn’t been sleeping well. I like sleeping. It’s like a time machine 🙂
Breakfast was incredible so we left fat and happy. I love me some omelets. At this point we had an hour drive until we got to the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI. Paul was looking forward to the random addition to the trip (his aunt mentioned it and we looked into it. I knew he would enjoy it and maybe me too… So we went!)

It’s a 90 acre piece of land with multiple buildings and galleries of antique cars. They even have a vintage gas station and a real 1941 diner they moved from Connecticut. Paul taught me a little bit about cars as we went along and it wound up being a really enjoyable 4 hours. They have a very large collection of hood ornaments that blew my mind. There are some obnoxious hood ornaments! We chose to eat at the diner since we got in free because we are both military saving us around 20 bucks. Paul and I got a coney dog with some frozen custard for dessert.
We made the country road trek to Lansing where we would be staying for the night. The first thing we did there was check into our campsite and then headed out to visit my dad’a grave. He passed in 1999 and I don’t get to visit often. I decided to introduce my husband to my dad and hang out for a bit to catch him up. After a while, we headed onto the Michigan State campus to explore and hunt down the ice cream shop (yeah, I have problems… Twice in one day!) that my brother told me I HAD to have. I ordered the Spartan kind that was cake batter with green icing.

We played around with phones at AT&T before deciding to call it a night. Yes. The ice cream turned into dinner. Don’t judge me. It was mostly because the amount of sugar in the frosting. And there was A LOT of frosting. And no, I do not regret the decision to consume it. Haha.

Day 8 was simple. We had breakfast at IHOP with a friend of mine that I’ve known since 8th grade and haven’t seen since I moved away in 2000. I seriously enjoyed that cutting up and laughing over breakfast.
Our journey would take us to Cleveland, OH. We made a pit stop at Cabela’s in Dundee, MI to look at all of the awesome stuff! I had never been in one before. We browsed potential handguns and Paul taught me about different bullet sizes. I enjoyed the sculpture outside though.

I took a nap and was pretty much magically woke up in Cleveland. We ate at Zoup!, took a long nap, went to the laundromat, and then ate at a neat little place called Taqueria Junction. I failed to take any photos (GASP).
I have, however just recovered some photos from my hubby’s phone!

The giant seat was in a Disney movie. A FREAKIN DISNEY MOVIE. It was the Gnome Mobile. I totally just walked behind the rope. I know, I know… Shame on me. It was at the car museum.

This is at the Christmas store, Bronners in Frankenmuth…

This is a mosh posh from Mackinac. ❤ <3<3

So there you have it. A few random gems 🙂

Happy weekend friends! What's on your to-do list?!

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