Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers

Here I sit… coffeeless because the coffee that was brewed was so badly burned that it’s a crime… To make matters worse? there is some dude in here working with me (I’m an ambulance dispatcher tonight)… I usually work alone, … Continue reading

Groceries and Marathons

First of all, I HAVE to share this…… I cannot help but smile and giggle a little when I see it, therefore it’s worth sharing…. If you haven’t seen Frozen, that’s not going to be hilarious to you… but I … Continue reading

Primal Pizza Casserole

Primal Pizza Casserole

RECIPE: stolen (with love) from here and it is incredibly yummy. Ingredients •Meat and Sauce Layer: •1 lb ground beef, browned and lightly drained. •1 cup (8 ounces) organic tomato sauce, make sure tomatoes are the only ingredient. •1 tbsp Italian seasonings. … Continue reading

Catchup with Shamrock Shake Fail

Okay, I have a confession….. I’ve been struggling with a slight depression with my injury and have done really well with sticking to my paleo plan. I did have bulking thoughts. haha. I mean, what better way to channel injury … Continue reading

Very BUSY Weekend

Hubby had a 4-Day weekend thanks to President’s day so I will just claim that weekend as my weekend length too for the purposes of this post. (it makes me fee like I accomplished a lot if I do) Friday … Continue reading

Return to CrossFit and Apple Cinnamon Paleo Pancakes

After an insanely productive Monday, I made my return to CrossFit that night where the WOD was “simply” 5 rounds of 6 heavy push press, 12 burpees, and 30 air squats. I made the mistake of walking in that box … Continue reading