21 Mile Training Run… CHECK

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Sunshine Rd 18miler

IMG_0944 IMG_0945 Lollygagged around the house preparing myself to go drive onto base (a route I’ve never taken) to run a road I’ve never seen. That just didn’t appeal to me. The enthusiasm that was a CrossFitter’s (killed the workout) high had worn off through the night and I was staring the 18mi realization square in the eyes.

The picture on the left is what I brought for post run. I never can predict what I’ll want so I bring everything. The almonds are soaking in salt water to soften them and provide some electrolytes.  The picture on the right is my camelback and the GU I brought. Hands free for the first time.

I left the house around 730 (a full 45min later than I wanted)… The sun was rising and my gosh it was gorgeous.  I arrived to my starting point around 820.  It was 44 degrees… It was time to warm up running down Sunshine Road

IMG_0955IMG_0959 IMG_0957

IMG_0962I started to move. I felt stiff. Felt like I didn’t belong, I’ve been having some problems with my knee and ankle and I was whining about that inside my head.
1mi in…. Where the hell did that hill come from! I mean, Paul warned me it was hilly but I thought it was just because he is carrying a ruck while he’s out here
2.33mi  Pandora stopped playing???? No freakin’ service! So I seriously doubt MapMyRun is working…. I looked at my time on mapmyrun, started stopwatch and my music, and continued trotting
Soon after, I realize there are numbers on the road and I find myself wishing I had started at 0, but I didn’t. Damn.
I decided to run 1:39 one direction and then turn around and run back. I based my calculations on 10:30/mi with an extra 9min total due to the hills (and there were plenty, I assure you).
???mi holy mother of wonton soup… these hills never end.
???mi ow. ow. ow. my quads hurt. I should probably run this route more…. I clearly need the conditioning
???mi *keep checking time* WHY AM I NOT HALFWAY DONE YET.
?mi shit. I need to turn off this road, I still need to run for 12 more min.
FINALLY… halfway… let’s go home. I started up the mapmyrun app just to test and see if it would run and be remotely accurate without service 100% of the time.
IMG_0961I wish I was as tall as my shadow, then I could take less steps!
DON’T let the pretty blue sky distract you. This hill was a pain in my ass.
Up. Down. Up. Down.
Man, I feel great. This is awesome.
Ow! My feet feel bruised.
My marathon is gonna kill me.
HEY LOOK! There’s the car!
Stop stopwatch, glance at MapMyRun…
9.33…… hmm…
Oh damn! I gotta peeeeeee.
*looks all around and finds a spot in the woods*

IMG_0967IMG_0970I went and tracked back… I did actually run 18.66mi… and it took me 3:11:40… I’ll take it! 🙂 My second half was about 8min faster than the first half 🙂

Then I went home to an attention starved pup and made myself a small midday breakfast feast. 🙂 We played fetch until she was exhausted and then I went to hang out with a friend for a few hours. I ate wings, ice cream, and played at Toy R Us. It was a great day.