I’m Kinda Lost Right Now…

Happy Thursday everyone. My featured photo is one my friend sent me this morning. It thrills to know they saw it and thought of me and my passion. ❤ It’s afternoon snack time. I’m savoring tiny bites of (full fat) plain … Continue reading

CrossFit and Chick Flicks

Little bit of time travel back to Wednesday, because like we all know… I am a terrible blogger…

It was my off day for running with a long run in the cross hairs Thursday, it was the perfect opportunity to drag myself down to CrossFit and see what I could do, right? We looked for a one rep max of hang cleans. For some reason hang cleans are awkward for me… anywho! I FINALLY GOT TRIPLE DIGITS! On the nose. 100. I psyched myself out when trying to accomplish 105… and I did 95# 3x which was my previous record so while I felt defeated, I felt like a champ. Odd feeling. ha. Next up was “Grace” 30 clean & jerks for time. I did 75#…. I was in heat two and was just going to start on an even minute on the clock. I got 6 reps in when I was stopped.  Apparently, they were going to restart the clock. Hurray for a “warmup” It took me almost five and a half minutes, but I don’t care. I was the last one done and think my coach was just as excited if not more so than I was. It was neat to have the people in my gym cheering for me the way that they were. It was an awesome little CrossFit moment for me. The odd thing was when I finished, my feet cramped… where the “arches” are. I say it with quotations because I don’t have arches. I feel like that part of my foot is so flat it’s actually convex. It was terrible…

So, I took my husband onto base bright and early Sunday morning… so that he could leave for two weeks to try and obtain the Expert Field Medic Badge (a pretty big deal for a soldier in the medical field)…

Now I’m obsessed with chick flicks. I had this HUGE to get done list of tasks around the house. I’ve managed to run and not kill the dog. ha. I think I’m watching “chick flick” number 5 or 6 or so right now. NOT IN A ROW! Come on folks, I have standards!

I’m currently watching Love Actually (reeeeally enjoy this one). I have pwatched The Other Woman, Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, The Rebound, One For the Money, Lovestruck: The Musical, and Intolerable Cruelty. I also have watched the Prince of Egypt, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Lorax! I still have more on the to view list… like Safe Haven, Treasure Island, Atlantis, Mirror Mirror, and Upside Down (because I adore Jim Sturgess)… Chick Flick and children’s films kick. Don’t judge. I’m gonna chalk it up to the fact that these are the films Paul, the hubby, would rather not see them. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

I shall share the story of my long run from yesterday later. Now it is time to get cleaned up and turn in a job application to Big Dog Running (for a part time position at a running store… YES PLEEEEEEASE) and then take the pooch for a walk. My legs are locked up and pissed off so I’m hoping to make them feel better by going for a stroll followed by some yoga and a nap when I return home. I am contemplating CrossFit this evening but the WOD includes walking weighted lunges and 400m runs, I am not sure how much of a “run” I am capable of, but it’s the new hero WOD “White”…… and I work 12hr overnight tonight… busy busy busy!

What’s your favorite “chick flick” or Disney movie? or favorite movie for that matter?
What do you do the day after a long run?

Bear Complex with a Disney Confession

All day yesterday I was looking forward to CrossFit because we were doing the Bear Complex for one rep max.
The Bear Complex is a series of 5 movements (1. Power Clean 2. Front Squat 3. Push Press 4. Back Squat 5. Push Press) that counts as one repetition.
First of all, that is BRUTAL. That second push press coming off the back is tough taters.
Second of all, it turns out you don’t get any stronger if you only go to CrossFit 2x a week.
So I shouldn’t be disappointed in my success with 85# and the fact that I BARELY failed with 95.  It was the second push press that got me, I couldn’t lock out my elbow. SO CLOSE.
LESSON LEARNED: I will make time for an additional day or two of strength work at my box. The goal is 3-5 days a week with 2-3 of them being strength work. I also run 4 days a week.

Now for my Disney confession:

Today is chores and organization day. I’m doing laundry (including bedding) and have vacuumed out my car.  I have planned next weeks meals in “Operation Clean Out the Freezer” fashion and made a grocery list… all while listening to Disney music.  I have developed my Top 10 Disney song list too.  2-8 were so hard for me to rank it was silly.  This magnificent list is as follows…
10. Mary Poppins- Chim Chim Cheree
9. Hercules- One Last Hope
8. The Lion King- Be Prepared
7. Hercules- I Won’t Say I’m in Love
6. Aladdin- Friend Like Me
5. The Little Mermaid- Kiss The Girl
4. Beauty and the Beast- Belle
3. The Nightmare Before Christmas- Jack Lament
2. The Little Mermaid- Under the Sea
and the #1 Disney song in my opinion……………………………………….
1. Mulan- I’ll Make A Man Out of You

I’m having a super lame Friday… I know. I had a friend ask me to go out, I had to turn him down because I have to run 8 miles later. This is how a day in the life of a fitness/nutrition junkie goes!
Busy weekend anyway.  I work the Auburn football game on bike patrol for EMT coverage tomorrow noon to 6pm and then move inside for the game. I’ll get home around midnight or so.
Then I leave around 3am to get to Atlanta in time to get to my volunteer station for the half marathon up there. It’s my first time volunteering.  Then cheat meal day! yayyyyyyyyyyyyy.