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Didn’t Wake Up Expecting My Dog to Embarrass Me!

IMG_7002Yesterday I woke up with no real game plan. I knew that I wanted to complete 5 miles (training schedule says so) but I knew that I have an odd knee issue that I cannot quite pinpoint and I knew that I pay way too much for CrossFit so I wanted to swing by there. I knew that I had to leave for work at 4pm and that I should probably take a nap. I also have someone that is sending me information about being a beach body coach (I could definitely use the extra income) and I needed to sift through that…

I watched a 45min video about coaching and then thought it was a good time to go complete 5mi and think about what I just learned.  To encourage myself not too push too hard, I brought pooch along with me for the 5mi walk/jog/run experience. Started off nice and easy with 1.5mi walk, then jogged for a song, walked a song, ran hard a song (could sorta feel the part of my knee that struggles but no pain), jogged a song… Well at this point I’m at 4mi and I knew that since I’m struggling with my knee I would just sprint the bridge and walk the rest. I had noticed that Roxanne (the pup) was not keeping my pace. I didn’t understand the issue… It wasn’t poop time! I know her bowel movements, like any good dog owner… I made her pee before the run… What the hell? So I’m dragging her along this newly opened pedestrian bridge……. ALMOST made it to the end when she just stops and starts to poop….. not a tiny dollop or two. No, no. That would be too subtle. No this was epic “how the hell was that even inside of you” style. I was MORTIFIED. I had her running leash on her which meant no baggies… An old man was totally walking towards us…. ugh. I had to go off to the Riverwalk and I know the witnesses were like thinking all kinds of nasty things about me, but I was in search of a trash bag that I could steal a significant piece of plastic from…. Then I went back like a good little person… SOOOO EMBARRASSED. I should have considered the fact that my dog ate an entire toy in the course of a couple days and that might have changed her movements. Lesson learned. Always bring a baggie.

I came home, completed the runner yoga sequence, and had a piece of toast with chia seeds and peanut butter as a snack before heading over to my box with the sole intention of participating in the Turkish Get Up tutorial and then going off on my own and working on loosening my muscles in my legs with a bar roll out and lacrosse ball things… I was thinking about foam rolling my IT bands… anyway. That’s not what happened. The coach that is like the Master Coach for my husband and I… the one that you slap more weight on and struggle more for, the one that pushes you to die just a little bit more… the one that you don’t want to disappoint… the one that makes you stronger and believes in you… anyway… he was there. So I did a modified version of the WOD: 20 Min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 18 KettleBell Swings, 18 situps, and 18 box jumps… I chose a 35# kettlebell and I subbed squats for box jumps. 9 rounds and 8 additional kettlebell swings later, time ran out and I was a hot mess.

I did get a 45 minute nap in that made me feel worse and got ready for work.  Work was INSANELY busy. I am an emergency medical dispatcher. It is stressful but interesting. The worst part is overnight shifts when you are hoping no calls come in so you can sleep and yet you sleep unsettled and nervously because it’s terrible to be woken up by the 9-1-1 lines.  It’s awful. It jacks up my sleep for days. Anyway, I was able to get a significant amount of reading done in an INCREDIBLE series called The Secret Immortal Life of Nicholas Flamel and that link will take to to the official site. It is a mythology series full of all kinds of amazing characters. I have never been more enchanted, engrossed, and enthusiastic about a series.  It literally contains all mythologies and major characters that are based on real people (Shakespeare, Machiavelli, Joan of Arc, and Nicholas Flamel)… ❤ I could go on and on and on about this series. If you are a reader and enjoy mythology, seriously check this one out. 🙂 This series is even hubby approved!

Have you ever had an experience where you got embarrassed while working out or getting your run on?
Have you read any good books recently?
What are your thoughts on the beach body coaching for income? Do you or someone you know of have success with this?