I’m Kinda Lost Right Now…

Happy Thursday everyone. My featured photo is one my friend sent me this morning. It thrills to know they saw it and thought of me and my passion. ❤ It’s afternoon snack time. I’m savoring tiny bites of (full fat) plain … Continue reading

Draaaagin My Stumps For A Long Run

I ran 24 miles today. Before I go into that, I need to back up a minute to let you know that Tuesday is lower body day at CrossFit and I did 5 rounds for time of 15 Snatches, 15 … Continue reading



I HAVE A SLOT ON THE TENNESSEE ARMY NATIONAL GUARD 2014 MARATHON TEAM TO RUN IN LINCOLN NEBRASKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big, big, BIG deal to me. The best part is I didn’t need a blitzing time or anything to qualify. I qualified … Continue reading

Sunshine Rd 18miler

IMG_0944 IMG_0945 Lollygagged around the house preparing myself to go drive onto base (a route I’ve never taken) to run a road I’ve never seen. That just didn’t appeal to me. The enthusiasm that was a CrossFitter’s (killed the workout) high had worn off through the night and I was staring the 18mi realization square in the eyes.

The picture on the left is what I brought for post run. I never can predict what I’ll want so I bring everything. The almonds are soaking in salt water to soften them and provide some electrolytes.  The picture on the right is my camelback and the GU I brought. Hands free for the first time.

I left the house around 730 (a full 45min later than I wanted)… The sun was rising and my gosh it was gorgeous.  I arrived to my starting point around 820.  It was 44 degrees… It was time to warm up running down Sunshine Road

IMG_0955IMG_0959 IMG_0957

IMG_0962I started to move. I felt stiff. Felt like I didn’t belong, I’ve been having some problems with my knee and ankle and I was whining about that inside my head.
1mi in…. Where the hell did that hill come from! I mean, Paul warned me it was hilly but I thought it was just because he is carrying a ruck while he’s out here
2.33mi  Pandora stopped playing???? No freakin’ service! So I seriously doubt MapMyRun is working…. I looked at my time on mapmyrun, started stopwatch and my music, and continued trotting
Soon after, I realize there are numbers on the road and I find myself wishing I had started at 0, but I didn’t. Damn.
I decided to run 1:39 one direction and then turn around and run back. I based my calculations on 10:30/mi with an extra 9min total due to the hills (and there were plenty, I assure you).
???mi holy mother of wonton soup… these hills never end.
???mi ow. ow. ow. my quads hurt. I should probably run this route more…. I clearly need the conditioning
???mi *keep checking time* WHY AM I NOT HALFWAY DONE YET.
?mi shit. I need to turn off this road, I still need to run for 12 more min.
FINALLY… halfway… let’s go home. I started up the mapmyrun app just to test and see if it would run and be remotely accurate without service 100% of the time.
IMG_0961I wish I was as tall as my shadow, then I could take less steps!
DON’T let the pretty blue sky distract you. This hill was a pain in my ass.
Up. Down. Up. Down.
Man, I feel great. This is awesome.
Ow! My feet feel bruised.
My marathon is gonna kill me.
HEY LOOK! There’s the car!
Stop stopwatch, glance at MapMyRun…
9.33…… hmm…
Oh damn! I gotta peeeeeee.
*looks all around and finds a spot in the woods*

IMG_0967IMG_0970I went and tracked back… I did actually run 18.66mi… and it took me 3:11:40… I’ll take it! 🙂 My second half was about 8min faster than the first half 🙂

Then I went home to an attention starved pup and made myself a small midday breakfast feast. 🙂 We played fetch until she was exhausted and then I went to hang out with a friend for a few hours. I ate wings, ice cream, and played at Toy R Us. It was a great day.


CrossFit and Chick Flicks

Little bit of time travel back to Wednesday, because like we all know… I am a terrible blogger…

It was my off day for running with a long run in the cross hairs Thursday, it was the perfect opportunity to drag myself down to CrossFit and see what I could do, right? We looked for a one rep max of hang cleans. For some reason hang cleans are awkward for me… anywho! I FINALLY GOT TRIPLE DIGITS! On the nose. 100. I psyched myself out when trying to accomplish 105… and I did 95# 3x which was my previous record so while I felt defeated, I felt like a champ. Odd feeling. ha. Next up was “Grace” 30 clean & jerks for time. I did 75#…. I was in heat two and was just going to start on an even minute on the clock. I got 6 reps in when I was stopped.  Apparently, they were going to restart the clock. Hurray for a “warmup” It took me almost five and a half minutes, but I don’t care. I was the last one done and think my coach was just as excited if not more so than I was. It was neat to have the people in my gym cheering for me the way that they were. It was an awesome little CrossFit moment for me. The odd thing was when I finished, my feet cramped… where the “arches” are. I say it with quotations because I don’t have arches. I feel like that part of my foot is so flat it’s actually convex. It was terrible…

So, I took my husband onto base bright and early Sunday morning… so that he could leave for two weeks to try and obtain the Expert Field Medic Badge (a pretty big deal for a soldier in the medical field)…

Now I’m obsessed with chick flicks. I had this HUGE to get done list of tasks around the house. I’ve managed to run and not kill the dog. ha. I think I’m watching “chick flick” number 5 or 6 or so right now. NOT IN A ROW! Come on folks, I have standards!

I’m currently watching Love Actually (reeeeally enjoy this one). I have pwatched The Other Woman, Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, The Rebound, One For the Money, Lovestruck: The Musical, and Intolerable Cruelty. I also have watched the Prince of Egypt, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Lorax! I still have more on the to view list… like Safe Haven, Treasure Island, Atlantis, Mirror Mirror, and Upside Down (because I adore Jim Sturgess)… Chick Flick and children’s films kick. Don’t judge. I’m gonna chalk it up to the fact that these are the films Paul, the hubby, would rather not see them. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

I shall share the story of my long run from yesterday later. Now it is time to get cleaned up and turn in a job application to Big Dog Running (for a part time position at a running store… YES PLEEEEEEASE) and then take the pooch for a walk. My legs are locked up and pissed off so I’m hoping to make them feel better by going for a stroll followed by some yoga and a nap when I return home. I am contemplating CrossFit this evening but the WOD includes walking weighted lunges and 400m runs, I am not sure how much of a “run” I am capable of, but it’s the new hero WOD “White”…… and I work 12hr overnight tonight… busy busy busy!

What’s your favorite “chick flick” or Disney movie? or favorite movie for that matter?
What do you do the day after a long run?

Pooch has a Brand New Toy!

Woke up. Drank coffee. Didn’t feel well so I watched a movie. I still didn’t feel well but I ran with the pooch for 4 mi (no excuses!!). Then did the runner yoga sequence and fell asleep at the end during the relaxation point. Oops. Cleaned up around the house some.

IMG_0922[1]I ran some errands… tracked down some coconut flour for a Paleo Pumpkin Bars recipe I’m looking forward to trying tomorrow. While I was at The Fresh Market I found myself wishing I would win the lottery… I stopped by Pet Smart to find a toy for Roxanne, my dog that tears through “tough” toys in less than a day. I settled upon a large rope. I also used the $30 gift cards to the local running store (that I won in my 10k) on a box of vanilla bean GU.

Came home to play with the pooch with intentions of going to my box because we IMG_0942[1]are doing the girl benchmark WODs this week for beast cancer awareness… but I needed to do food prep for the week… so I did that. I made a pizza casserole (with zucchini and yellow squash as “noodles”, the pumpkin bars, hard boiled some eggs, and prepped some chicken for easy meals.  I’m beat so I think I’m gonna hit the hay.  But not before I share pictures of the pooch and her new toy!

Surely this will take her a while to destroy 🙂IMG_0927[1]


10K Race Review! :)

ImageAlarm goes off and I hear “Animal I Have Become” and I opened my eyes and Imagegrumbled cause it was time to roll out of bed… I drag myself into the shower (showering to go get sweaty, go figure). I begin to feel more and more chipper as I piece together a run outfit. Then it was coffee and snack time while I blogged (what? I live a simple life).

We (Paul, the husband, and I) left just after 7am to pick up the bib and I found thisImage pill. Who doesn’t take a picture with some person in a costume the morning of their race? haha. See a trend with the green socks?! (if you have seen more than one post you have) Clearly I need to invest in more socks… ANYWAY.

We hung out in the car before the race because it was kinda chilly and drizzly. I looked up and out the window at 745 and saw a beautiful full rainbow. Good omen, right?!

ImageThe start line was ambiguous… So ambiguous that I had no damn idea where it was.  We walked past it and finally Paul brought it to my attention that it was probably near where the cops were hiding from the rain.  Ugh.  I looked on the bright side though and claimed the extra steps as warmup. haha.Image

The small group of racers gathered up on the road.  I don’t know how many did the 5k (at least double the 10k), but I know 23 people ran the 10k.

Paul snagged a real photo… drawing a blank on what those are called… but anyway. I have my serious face on. Then I found him!

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOONK. (that’s the sound of a blow horn thingy)

Imageaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re off!

First thought “THANK GOD IT’S DRIZZLY”….

A quarter of a mile into the stinkin’ run someone had to go and jinx it that by saying to the guy running next to them “This is perfect running weather with the drizzle!” I swear it stopped instantaneously!

I found a girl from the start that I was gonna pace behind for the first 3mi or so… she split where the 5k people went just before mi 2 and I was like Oh CRAP! I hit the 2mi point at 17:20 or so… for some reason they told us splits there?  I just focused on not falling because running on wet bricks is terribly slick and kinda scary… I pushed the pace just a hair beyond comfy but kept controlled breathing. Just keep chugging along… Until I FINALLY saw that “5 Miles” sign… then it was time to turn it up a little bit… Then came the bricks again and I had to slow down due to no traction.

ImageI rounded the corner and hit the .2mi run that quickens to sprint to the finish….
Paul easily found me because of my socks.Image

<– Here I come!

—> There I go.


52:30. PR.


2nd Female overall…


And they definitely win the “Greatest Race Shirt” award in my experience thus far.


The Glare From Across the Room

ImageSo here I am… 0630 in the morning having devoured my piece of ezekial bread toast with peanut butter, chia seeds, raisins, and cinnamon on top patiently awaiting time for me to struggle into my lime green compression socks (the only real ones I own) and then hit the road to go run my 10k. But that story shall come later today! I’m here to write about yesterday! ❤ i AM so excited to tell you about yesterday!!!!!!!

I got home at 945am from working my 12hr shift. Played fetch with the pooch. Took a bath (and a nap) for 30 min. Made a grocery list. Researched Beachbody programs I would be interested in. Talked on the phone with a Beachbody coach with all kinds of questions and things (she was able to diffuse a lot of my aversion to the idea of selling and coaching a product). The only problem that remains is my antisocial tendencies.  Okay, okay so that’s nothing to be so excited about…

Then the hubby came home and it was time to design a CrossFit workout for us since Fridays at our box means Hero WOD and I need to work on strength (Strength is my main focus right now since I have a cardio base with running). We decided upon 1RM of strict press (aka shoulder press or military press). I had us warm up with turkish getups (5 reps per side rotation for a total of 3 rounds per side) and that’s a nice way to warm up the whole body and work on some balance and grace!  We found our 1RM (I was able to push 75lb and Paul managed 100lb). Then it was time for my WOD.

Jayme’s Upper Body and Core (mini)WOD
3 Rounds For Time
5 Wall Walk Ups
10 Burpees
15 Dips
20 Russian Twists
15 PushUps
10 Hollow Rocks
5 DB Push Press (25#)

I would be lying if I told you that was easy. It wasn’t. It took me 15:36 and Paul 16:20 (who did Round 1 with 35# DBPP). Now for the best part. While we were dying (particularly with the wall walk-ups) I looked up at one point to see a glare from across the room… this awful, terrible “Go to hell” look from my loving husband… I glanced over to see that look a few times to be frank. I smiled every time. Upon completion I got the greatest compliment ever! He told me that we are getting a divorce. haha. That translates to “Good job designing a killer WOD babe”. WIN! 🙂 🙂 Last Friday I got a sorta go to hell look and that was an appropriate mini WOD. I kinda blew past mini and almost made it to full blown. One more round, mayyyybe two if we hadn’t done 1RM Strict Press. 🙂 It’s nice to know that WHEN I FINALLY am able to have my own box (that’s my dream) I can design killer WODs 🙂 That glare and that compliment put some pep in my step. haha. 🙂

Time to get up hair up and head on down to get my race on. Happy Saturday people!

What are you doing today?!
Tell me a dream of yours!

Woke Up With Too Much Awesome Today!


Today started with peanut butter toast, chia seeds, and a banana with a glass of almond milk while reading the remainder of my amazing book that I already gushed about on my previous post today… 3 hours flew by as I was engrossed in that…

Forgive the fuzzy picture, my iPhone has taken a beating, but this looks like good conditions for a good midday run, right? I get that you can’t see the temperature, but I chose to ignore the 77 degree temperature. I honestly went out there with a good attitude. I even skipped the music today (GASP!). I was out there to listen to my footfalls and not only smile at other runners/walkers but to hear them say hello.Image

I found this wild creature. Three of them actually. One was black and I had to sprint past it before I took it home and named it Bagheera…

I took the scenic route through the woods for two (almost) one mi loops. It’s hilly and interesting back there. I was sweating profusely and panting like I was working hard so I thought I was practically flying.

I didn’t look until I was done. I don’t know what I was expecting… but it wasn’t this.

ImageI’m not disappointed. Okay, so maybe a little. You would understand why I was if you had seen how much I was sweating. oh wait! I have evidence

ImageThere you go… Those are beads of sweat. 9min/mi doesn’t usually destroy me like that! My hair was wet! haha. Oh well. It doesn’t matter. I got out there and got my shit done.

^— See that part not around the lake? I smiled when I saw that it was shaped like a fish. That was the forest part.


This lady was suffering out there with me. She was getting work done out there. I think she might have finished right about 3mi herself. Kudos to her for bringing the toddler and newborn and getting work done.

I walked back to my car. Did some stretching and have discovered that when I finally add in hill repeats, I have found a good hill…. ImageI don’t look forward to it.

I have never done hill repeats. I have always crammed training in. I’m kinda ADHD about this stuff…

—-> It’s a short but steep hill, I think it would be a good start… THOUGHTS?

I had a late lunch, played fetch with the puppy, and then the hubby came home early from work! I napped on him and afterwards we watched an episode of Supernatural before heading over to the box to get out strong on.


It was a good interval type wod. 5 3min AMRAPs with 3 min of rest afterwards. 5 Hang Power Snatch, 10 Knees To Elbow, and 20 Double Unders (I can’t do them yet so I do 3 singles for each rep. I did 60 singles to equate the effort of 20 double unders) Folks. I worked my stinkin a$$ off tonight. I was POURING sweat (clearly I woke up this morning with too much awesome and it came out my pores). My snatch is ugly. I need some help with them, but they did get better as we went along. As well they should considering I completed 117 of them.

All in all, today has been good to me.