I’m Kinda Lost Right Now…

IMG_4157[1]Happy Thursday everyone. My featured photo is one my friend sent me this morning. It thrills to know they saw it and thought of me and my passion. ❤

It’s afternoon snack time. I’m savoring tiny bites of (full fat) plain greek yogurt with Enjoy Life chocolate chips, a bit of granola, cinnamon, a sprinkle of PB2, and agave nectar to sweeten it just a hair more. I take tiny bites so that it lasts longer. 🙂 It’s one of my favorite snacks.

Woke up and knocked out CrossFit at zero dark thirty in the morning. Okay so it was really only 0530, but still… it was before the sun.

I wish my CrossFit gym was like this crazy amazing one. I would have showed up early and got a tiny yummy coffee before I worked out. Maybe more would show up at the crazy early WOD?

Maybe that was my problem this morning, I didn’t have coffee. I usually drink some before I do any workout… I’m not sure why I skipped today. That’s how out of it I was I guess?! O_o

IMG_4158[1]We had a pretty demanding shoulder workout 2 days ago so I struggled tremendously with today’s workout.  I only made it to the snatches. I attempted once (and it was way pathetic). I had 75# on the bar and my pullups were strict with a blue resistance band. I kept moving and got a pretty good amount of sweat activated in the cool of the morning so I think it’s a job well done. It looks easy on paper… it’s not.

I showered, then made myself do Day 9 of the challenge (that should have been done yesterday) as I got ready for work… it’s 3 rounds with 45 seconds between rounds. Easy peasy… no reason to miss it really…


other than my legs telling me to stop living. Yes, you read that correctly. My knees are having real issues. As in 2 year old brat throwing a temper tantrum because they were told they can’t get the toy they immediately fell in love with… I ran my 24 Thursday. I stretched and did a decent amount of TLC for them. I did yoga on Friday. It went well. The legs felt great. I did a free workout with my husband Saturday morning and they were fine. Went to work Saturday night. 16 hour shift as a dispatcher… both knees or lower IT bands or something are now being insanely dramatic.

It got worse with the 13 hours I picked up Sunday night. Then there are the 8 hours Monday night. and the 12 more Tuesday night. I have had one night of real rest (last night with approx. 7).

Literally, I can hear them saying this… “leave me alone to die”

REALLY?! I have a 50k in 9 days. I have done more than ever before to care for you little shits (epsom salt baths, rolling out, etc) and this is how you treat me. <insert angry face here>

*deep breath* Anyone got any advice? Aside from the obvious… rest? The original plan was to dilly-dally 10-11 miles this weekend as my last hurrah to keep a few miles on the legs but clearly that’s not the best plan. I’m really very upset about it.

I did a workout yesterday that involved some running to see if they needed a shakeout and rollout. I was able to get them to release somewhat, but it has returned.

Discipline… the one thing I’ve maintained. I make few excuses and exercised caution… I’m kinda lost right now. 😦

ducks gearThis weekend I’m off for 3 days. I was supposed to have drill but it has been postponed until later in the month due to funding issues. So Paul and I are heading to east TN to spend the weekend with my brother. We are taking Roxanne and we leave after I throw together some clothes after work tonight.
Tomorrow is dinner with the bestie and her beau after sleeping until My body tells me to wake up
Saturday I will listen to my legs but I might try to coax them out for at least a very, very long dog walk. Or I might just rest. I suck at resting.Then Michigan State and Oregon play. Big deal since my brother and I bleed Spartan green while my hubby seeps out Oregon green with that nasty neon yellow specks in it. Divorce is likely. 😉
Sunday is Paul’s birthday. He got the hoodie and tshirt you see to the left. I think my brother has disowned me for purchasing it. haha

Should be a nice weekend before I return to work for 36 hours in 48 (includes my first ever 24 hour shift– to make matters worse it’s a reverse 24 meaning it starts at night). BUT then I am off for 17 days. Roadtrip all over the Midwest (plenty more about that later) leading into the supposed new drill weekend.

What’s your plan for the weekend?
What would you do if you were staring down the barrel of a 50k in my shoes? (please note you are insanely stubborn)

Do you bleed a certain color?
What’s your favorite snack?

7 thoughts on “I’m Kinda Lost Right Now…

  1. Let’s see, I bleed red on black to match my Venge. If I were in your shoes, I’d try to cycle it out – in fact I HAVE cycled that out before. Now, I normally ride 20-24 mph so I drop down to 16-18 and keep a fast cadence. Works any problem I’ve ever had out (other than a serious injury, but yours doesn’t sound like it is).

    Good luck.

  2. This weekend I will do some running and maybe some spinning too. I like the advice above. Definitely just spin, you don’t want your legs to feel tired, just spin to get your green blood flowing in them, it does speed recovery.

  3. 50K? The farthest I’ve run is 13 miles so I am proably not much help. However, I do agree with the above comments. Cycling is good way to get in the cardio, keep your legs moving and not be weight bearing. 17 days off sounds amazing!!!

  4. Bummer about your knees!!! I used to have IT band issues. Here’s what I do to fight it – foam roll, fish oil, chiropractor, Graston, yoga, ice, lunges, squats (etc), new shoes, warm up, stretch after, KT tape….I hope any of those helps!
    I bleed green tooooo!!! The wife and I went to Ohio University! I was a cheerleader and a tour guide there. I loooooooove it!

    • I foam roll. Probably not like I should. I need to take fish oil. My shoes are practically new. Both pairs. But you give plenty of other things that might help more too. Thank you. I clearly need to be more proactive in my IT band care.

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