21 Mile Training Run… CHECK

I sat down with the intentions of blogging while I ate my food, but I went from “I’m only gonna eat because my body needs it” to “OMG! I can’t shovel this food into my mouth fast enough”. It was about 3 hours after I ran 21 miles. Does anyone else struggle with not really being hungry immediately following a very long run?

IMG_3893[1]Don’t even act like you can blame me putting blogging on freeze for the 45 seconds I think it took me to demolish this.

The point of this blog is my run, so lets get to it! I prepared all of my gear yesterday afternoon and was in bed by 730pm for my 330 wakeup.

IMG_3861[1]I woke up amazed at how refreshed I felt and the lack of dread in my head. Usually I have to drag myself out the door!

IMG_3866[1]Paul required that I somehow don a PT belt (because they save lives for those non-military readers of mine)

IMG_3863[1]Ezekial bread toast with almond butter, chia seeds, Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips, and cinnamon washed down with coffee and I was out the door by 415. I did accidentally take the long way onto Fort Benning, but no worries… I found where I needed to be 🙂 Sunshine Rd… so we meet again

IMG_3867[1]I’m a humicorn (human unicorn)… yeah… I woke up at 330 and ran 21 miles remember???IMG_3870[1]I’ve NEVER ran with a headlamp on my own, maybe ever… but I can’t say that for sure because I can’t remember if I wore one for the one night run I had with my brother long ago. Anyway, its weird. Oh look! My Muzinos. I’ve logged a good amount of miles in them the most in one day being 15 on a trail. It’s time to take them distance on the road!

The goal is under 4 hours. The plan is walk .25 and .75 run x20 with a 1mi walk cool down. Start time 0457. Lucky us, I took notes the WHOLE time on my phone 🙂

3. Wait for Garmin to load 2. Buckle camelbak to body 1. Phone in hand GOOOOOOOOOOOO

0.0 Creepy reflected green eyes… oh hi miss deer
Stars… that’s new to me… Orion. He’s a warrior. I’m a warrior…. yeahhhh
0.2 No music due to spotty service. Ohhh this is gonna blow.
0.25 Did I mention I’m afraid of the dark and I’m out here alone?? I have a great imagination!
1.1 I think I’m running in a cloud. I’m gonna have pneumonia by mile 10
2.0 my stomach feels kinda rough… this isn’t good. I have no bathroom out here…
2.25 I need running friends. Oh joy there’s a ruck up ahead
4.0 salted caramel GU, you’re up first. YUM
5.0 I’m definitely running too fast right now. I can’t breathe. Am I stupid?
5.6 I’m going fast now so that when the sun is out I have cushion… yep that’s it.
6.25 Shoe is rubbing heel raw. stop to fix sock. steam is just rollin’ off my head… it’s nuts
7.0 Hello dawn! Switching to red light. Dawn will guide me
8.0…. oh Hell it’s THE hill. I need to switch my walk/run plan. This is NOT going to work. I’m gonna power walk up hills and fly down them. Let’s see how that goes. **fear not finishing in under 4hr** Devour Chocolate Outrage GU.
8.5 ABANDON HEADLAMP. ahhhh my forehead can breathe!
IMG_3875[1]9.7 just saw a fox. cool… I haven’t found the ruckers… It’s been almost 7.5 miles… who rucks more than 15 miles?
10.0 well hell, tanks crossing the road. I’ll turn around now and make up the extra at the end. Despite what my non-runner friends may think, I have no death wish
IMG_3876[1]11.0 21 miles is just a 10 mile run with an 11 mile warmup
12.0 Vanilla Bean GU… I WELCOME YOU.
13.1 2:15 and change half marathon. Huh. I’m not doing too awful.
14 that mile was just 9:09 mile. OOOOPS
14.64 Nothing quite says “YOU STINK” like flies that swarm you when you take a quick walk break… so you run away (naturally) and they seem to follow you…
IMG_3878[1]15.1 Damn. My brother is right yet again. The key is to use the hills to your capability. Damn damn damn.
2:44:45 25k (that’s only half my race but maybe 6hr is a good goal!)
16.0 Power Bar applesauce like stuff. Blueberry Banana. YUM
IMG_3879[1]17.idk damn that cyclist cruising wind in their face down this hill I’m running up… 4 to go and I have an hour until my cutoff. YESSSSS
18.0 oh dang There’s the sun. and a hill that seems to just keep going. and it’s completely wide open… in the sun…
IMG_3881[1]Nevermind the cyclist I was jealous of, I would hate to pedal up a hill.
19.0 really?? This is the hill that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends…
19.7 My car! I see it. SPRINT TO IT
19.85 damn. my car is far away. -_-

IMG_3883[1] IMG_3889[1] IMG_3886[1]


Shirt is literally saturated. Not one dry spot. I laid there and enjoyed a peaceful moment of not moving while savoring the flavor of each individual gummy bear. Then I stretch for about 10 minutes, plop into my car, destroy an amped up variation of chocolate milk I made (milk, ovaltine, protein powder, and L-Glutimine)

IMG_3860[1]BTW, I never ran into the 2 bus loads of what I assume were Rangers out there rucking.

When I took of my socks when I got home, I was surprised with my first ever toe blood for reasons unknown really! AND I was also surprised by the lack of one single blister! WINNING

IMG_3892[1]There you have it folks. I survived 21 miles. I hated almost every minute of the first 10 miles. After that… I actually enjoyed myself… holy mother guacamole… I cannot believe I just typed that.

NO music, but
random spotty service allowed for texting 3 individuals (husband, brother, and good friend)
and a few snapchats to update others…
it kept me moving.

One more long run, 23-24 next week… then a very easy taper for the 2 weeks leading up to my 50k. (it’s easy because the only run I’ve been doing is long runs!)

Final thought: this meme is hilarious.

IMG_3859[1]Have you ever had a quest bar? I haven’t had one… They worth all the buzz? they’re expensive…
Peanut butter obsessed? or do you prefer another nut butter? 
Do you run with or without music? What is your method of attack when it comes to hills?
What’s your favorite post run or post workout food?



10 thoughts on “21 Mile Training Run… CHECK

  1. Well done on your run! Never tried a quest bar and I’m one of the few who doesn’t like peanut butter (except I do like reese’s peanut butter cups). I like almond butter rolled into balls and dipped in dark chocolate too. Never run with music as I run outside and I have to deal with lots of large predators and crazy people on ATV’s so I like to hear what’s coming. Fav post run food has to be pancakes (with quinoa flour) with some kind of fruit and maple syrup.

    • Oooooh. Quinoa pancakes? Lol idk if I had any other thoughts since as soon as I read that, it’s all I could think. Where do you get quinoa flour? Do you use it for an allergy reason or preference?

      • I thought I had replied but sometimes wordpress via my phone does weird things. I get quinoa flour at the health food store and I’ve seen it at our grocery store a few times. I do use whole wheat and normal flour as well as the quinoa flour is a bit pricey and a bit “earthy” smelling. I like the extra calories and protein is provides though.

  2. LOL, great pics and post! BTW, what did the fox say?
    Nice job on the run!
    I gave up music a year or so ago. Don’t think I could go back now.
    At hills I try to lean forward with good posture and shorten my stride.
    Anyone who knows me knows that my go-to post run food is breakfast tacos. #tacos4life

  3. Wow, I can’t imagine running that early or that many miles, way to go! Makes me think I should stop whining about having to run 12 this weekend.
    I don’t even think I have seen a Quest bar anywhere let alone tried one, but I am also not a huge bar fan. My favorite post workout food is pizza. 🙂

  4. Congrats on your 21 miler! I’m like you. If it’s a really strenuous long run, then I usually can’t eat much for the whole day. But the next day, I will usually devour everything in sight. I don’t really have a go-to postrace meal, but I love some chocolate milk afterwards.

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