CrossFit Competition Lessons Learned

photo 2 (1)Folks, I HAVE COFFEE. Green flag for happy blogging!

lotr coffee


FIRST up, a link to a 22 second video that warms the heart like coffee does the soul. I promise it’s worth your time. ❤

Alright, now back back back it up…
After I got off work this morning, I moseyed on into my crossfit gym where a bit of a challenge awaited me.

photo 1


FACT: I suck at pullups and pushups.
FACT: I hate burpees and shuttle runs
FACT: You will not always like what you have to do

photo 2 (2)

I decided to focus on real pushups and utilized a blue band for the strict pullups. I was able to complete 3 rounds and made it 9 reps into round 4. That’s 54 hand release pushups amongst pullups and burpees?! I’ll take it!

photo 3

Quirky random fact: I cannot stand 3 pronged forks. I don’t have a legitimate reason. But for some reason they freak me out…

So when this happened in the middle of eating my delicious lunch, I was really 1 (1)I mean, it’s technically 3 pronged but it’s missing one… It blew my mind. It was an enigma of sorts for me and I did stare at it for a moment before I decided it was just a handicapped 4 prong fork and that’s okay.

photo 5This here is was my lunch. Crockpot “Mexican” chicken… I use quotations because I’m not sure how mexican tossing some salsa, black beans, corn, and chicken into a crock pot is… ANYWHO… Guac (told you I’m obsessed)… veggies… and chocolate milk. It’s not choooooooocolate milk like you think. It’s Ovaltine and that’s TOTALLY different. Totally. Don’t argue with me.

Now I’m ready to discuss the things I learned because of The Rumble By the River


  1. Massages are a good thing. I got my first massage on Friday hoping to work out some problems in my legs. Turns out I have some major problems in my trap area that will require lots and lots of work. I am insanely glad I finally took the time and invested the money into that hour long massage. I also learned that I’m a pansy and cannot relax, but that will come with practice and time, right?
  2. Fuel is important. Due to spending too much time at a dealership Saturday for a car Paul (and his salesperson) knew he wanted, I skipped approximately 5 hours without food or water. I remedied with pizza and am actually glad I did. It was not ideal, but the original plan was squashed and so we went with it. The morning of the competition I had a good breakfast with protein and carbs. I’m not sure what the secret is during competition but I know that what I did consume (banana, powergel, snickers marathon bar, apple, Progenex recovery stuff…) kept me moving.
  3. Train like you race… or compete in this case. Coming into a competition you know to expect multiple workouts of varying exercises and weights within the same 12 hour period. I was not prepared for that. Even just two a days a few days a week for a couple weeks prior would have been immensely helpful.
  4. Consider the facility. It would have been really nice to have sweats or some type of pants to avoid the unnecessary waste of energy shivering
  5. Buy a pair of sweatpants or track pants. Can’t bring them if you don’t have them. Although, I could have borrowed from the husband on Sunday.
  6. My core is toned, not strong. Trust me, there is a HUGE difference. So I need to work on my core, particularly the lower back. Back extensions here I come!
  7. I really, REALLY enjoy CrossFit. But I don’t want to be one of the people that loses form and winds up injured for the sake of the clock.
  8. I need to figure out what will help my feet. Arch cramps mid-wod are NO BUENO.
  9. Mobility, mobility, mobility. I hate to admit it, but I’m lazy when it comes to mobility and I pay for it. I seriously think PiYo might could help, but i really suck at the at-home stuff.
  10. I am definitely not a “sprinter”. I am more of a chipper. But I do know how to dig deep and literally push through my mental wall to do what I think needs to be done. With time, and a lot of work, maybe my sprinting skills will sharpen
  11. I need to win the lottery. Competing is expensive. The entry fee alone. WHEWW. Then there is travelling costs: food, gas. lodging… I wouldn’t mind having a new pair of Nanos and my first pair of lifter shoes. I could definitely use a lifting belt for the times I’m going extremely heavy. I wouldn’t mind being able to experiment with some of the products like Progenex and the like.
  12. Last, but NOT least, I will compete individual scaled at some competition late next year.

temptationWould you push the button? Haha. There are days when I think I would since I’m naturally such a curious person. Other days, my give a damn is busted and curiosity takes a nap.

What’s a quirky fact about yourself?
You learn any new things about yourself recently?
Coffee: is it critical to your day? or do you have some other daily vice?




6 thoughts on “CrossFit Competition Lessons Learned

      • Gevalia is absolutely amazing – rich flavor without the “acidic” taste or certain high-end brands. My favorites are Vanilla and Chocolate Mocha.

        Eight O’clock is another fantastic coffee that is on the less expensive side but tastes like a hundred bucks.

        Now, I drink the vast majority of my coffee black – 2 cups before I leave for the office and at least 3 cups at the office and then another cup after dinner. However, on vacation I use one of the creamers – French Vanilla or Almond Joy are two personal favorites. Thursday night I have a couple of cream and sugar cups too.

  1. I could live without coffee but I do have a diet coke addiction, oops. I totally had a bottle of chocolate milk for breakfast this morning. I grabbed the wrong bottle out the fried and didn’t notice until I was miles from home. Double oops.

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