Rumble By The River 2014- ReCap

Ooooh, my first competition. I don’t know what to expect. I was too afraid to compete as an individual so I encouraged my friend, Alicia, to be my teammate so that we could endure this new adventure together.

I woke up at 6 and threw together a breakfast (oatmeal casserole and a couple fried eggs) for my husband and I. We watched an episode of House so that I would relax. I had thrown together everything I could think of the night before so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

When I arrived at 730, with my supporting hubby, they wrote my team number down my right arm “4025”. I was nervous and excited and overwhelmed. It really was surreal for me, just like almost every race I show up for. I have the thought “I’m really doing this”. My partner and I got the experts to tape us up. She has shoulder problems and I think most of mine are in my head… that’s a joke. I got my arches and Achilles taped to see if it would help. There was an athlete brief that I couldn’t really hear but I could see since I stayed in the stands and then a prayer.

pregame (2)Let the shenanigans begin!

pregame (3)Our first workout was scheduled to begin at 1030ish and it was a 10min AMRAP of 50 10# Wall Ball Shots and 20 26# Kettlebell Swings. In the meantime, we cheered on other athletes while we waited. I decided to drink about a half serving of C4 about 10 minutes before it was our turn and I took off my long sleeve shirt. Apparently Paul was cold since he practically wiggled into that like his life depended upon it. hahaha. I can’t blame him… we definitely underestimated the cold of the Civic Center where a HOCKEY team plays. It was legit cold in there. I didn’t bring pants or anything I was wasting a lot of energy by shivering

Alicia and I went to warm up our bodies. I rowed for 2 minutes and then warmed up my shoulders and hips.

Eventually, we made our debut onto the competition floor. I was nervous, so so nervous. Why? I don’t know… I can only do my best. I can’t control the others best being better nor worse.

IMG_0916 The blur that is in the squat position looking like they might decide to eat the ball is me.

IMG_0939and here I am almost at full extension with the KB.

Hubby thought that it would be okay to stay in the stands and use his phone to take pics across the way. It’s a learning process for us all folks. Maybe if he would splurge and get me the nice camera I want, then he could stay in the stands and be lazy 😉 moving on

Our legs felt like jelly after that 10 minutes. We completed 4 rounds and made it 32 reps into the 5th for a total of 312. That was good enough for 13/40 on that event.

Next event wasn’t for an hour so I inhaled a banana and kept moving because if I sat down my quads would have tapped out. Our second event was 5 minutes to each get the best 1 rep clean and jerk possible. At the 5 minute mark, a 10 minute every minute on the minute (EMOM) over the bar burpee challenge began. 2 in the the first minute, 4 in the next, so on and so forth until it was as many as possible in the final minute. We alternated minutes and the first few minutes were easy… Alicia decided that I was the one that was best at burpees so she would start so I was set to go last. (I can’t figure out how to word this section better, sorry if it’s confusing)

We went to the warmup area to make sure that we were ready to lift heavy when it was our time to go. We warmed up and practiced technique on 55, 65, and 75#. We both did one good 85# clean and jerk and then were ready to take the floor. My previous record was only 105#. I had my sights set on 115 (having never even cleaned it before). I drank some more C4.

setting up 115# preparing to lift

setting up 115# preparing to lift

this next picture makes me laugh out loud. literally.

my surprised face.

my surprised face.

That’s my “Holy Sh!t. This is 115# and it’s on my shoulders… FINALLY” face mixed with a dash of “What the hell do I do with it now”

IMG_0956I do bring my feet together and successfully complete this lift. Paul didn’t have the best positioning for photography, but he was down on the floor and his presence was insanely appreciated. I love that I hit it and looked immediately for him. My biggest regret of the entire competition is that I did not even attempt 125#. yeah, I probably wouldn’t have gotten it, but I didn’t even try? Alicia tried, got the clean 3 times but was not able to jerk #125. So our weight total was 230#… good enough for 21/40. Onto burpees. The top picture is Alicia towards the beginning when you had time to stand up… the bottom is me when I am trying to cram as many as possible into 60 seconds. I manage 25 which helps push us towards a 3 way tie for 2/40 for this portion of the event.

IMG_0975 IMG_0983One of my new coaches from Deprivation tracked me down to say hi and take a picture immediately following. It was nice to have him hunt me down to say hello. It was equivalent to a pat on the back. Paul did well taking pictures during the burpee segment, didn’t he?! 🙂 Still learning! 😉 I did playfully scold him for not taking a video knowing 115# attempt was happening and would be PR. But he was there and he saw it, so honestly, I’m happy. There was a substantial break from this workout until workout 3. I ate half of a Snickers Marathon Bar and continued to drink water. Checked out the standings to find out we were in 12th going into the 3rd event.

Workout 3 was a 2 part workout. Each partner would complete part one and then each one goes on to complete part 2. Part 1 was a 500m row followed by 25 35# Thrusters and 15 hand release pushups. Part 2 was 20 shoulder to overhead 55# and 20 box jump overs. Time cap of 12 min. The plan was to go balls to the wall.

I went first. I rowed my 500 in 1:56ish and was thrilled. Those thrusters destroyed me and the pushups too. I was really frustrated with my performance and was ready to make up for my crap in part 2.

IMG_0994 IMG_0996 IMG_1005 IMG_1013Then Alicia did her thang and straight flew through those pushups… my favorite photo of the competition was taken of me by someone I know from my old gym while I waited. This next part is my favorite part… the CFD shirt is worn by coach Jimmy and the yellow shirted gal is my coach Elizabeth from Deprivation. I am focused, I am ready, and I am going to make up for my weakness from just a moment before.

focusIMG_1048 IMG_1061 IMG_1069 IMG_1075I broke my 20 shoulder to overhead in sets of 5 jerks. One breath in between the sets. I don’t do box jump overs well at all and chose the step on and over option. Pictures can’t do what I did here justice. I could hear people cheering for me. I knew I was doing my best through this part and I knew my best wasn’t awful. Even at the end of a marathon, I dig deep and find a sprint. So that’s what I did, I dug deep and sprinted. When I finished, I looked up to see my old Menawa coaches, my new deprivation coaches, my husband, my teammate, friends and strangers… Someone walked up to me and told me they saw me kill that part from the stands. It was just over a minute and a half of work, but it’s one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever experienced.

Alicia struggled through this part, but she pulled through and we made it before the cutoff. We did what we could but knew it wasn’t enough for top 10. I stuck around to cheer for other friends and find out what the official results were. We finished 16/40. Rounded out the top 40%. I can’t complain. Not one bit.

Also, Paul did progress to video clips during this last event and stepped out onto the floor. ❤ ❤

I’ve rambled on and on and on and on about this long enough. I’ll have some lessons learned and other things to say perhaps tomorrow during coffee time.

3 thoughts on “Rumble By The River 2014- ReCap

    • thanks! I tried 🙂 honestly, I don’t know if it helped or not… haha. I know that them taping my arches did not help. I didn’t have any achilles issues so maybe it worked?

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