Productivity and Fundraising

I have had A LOT going on the past week.

I have worked overtime at work.

Due to the amount of busy-ness and work… Roxanne has been particularly clingy. The book I’m reading is a compilation of ultra runner stories. Absolutely loving it.


I completely packed for my 2 weeks of annual training (AT) coming up (that took me almost 6 hours).


I spend days worth of free time making index cards to study for expert field medical badge in downtime while at AT (I made something like 600 index cards) and I was watching all of the episodes of River Monsters (so clearly it took me longer than necessary, but no regrets here). I think Jeremy Wade is absolutely incredible. The way that he interacts with different cultures respectfully is admirable. I would absolutely love to travel like he does.

I did the FireFighter cold water challenge and donated money to the Sierra Club Foundation because I like nature and then dropped my happy butt into a tub full of seriously cold water after a workout.

I have been very active with CrossFit and have started running again. Excuses are dwindling and my eating habits are better (with the exception of the share sized bag of M&Ms I had for dinner last night). oops. 😉


I ordered a Garmin Forerunner 10 (anyone have one, what are your thoughts?) and a new jump rope for my hubby and myself to master double unders. I’m hoping that double under work will make me a better ultra runner. haha. it’s a good calf workout so I don’t see why not.


I am raising money for SewHope. I found out about the charity as I was planning a 2 week road trip in September. I needed to find a race I wanted to participate in. I found Oak Opening Stampede near Toledo. I was going to run the 25k. They offer free entry to the race for those who raise 100 dollars for Sew Hope. I looked into the charity and was very pleased with it so I decided to go for it. I have already raised 110 and I just started talking about it 3 days ago. I have decided to register and train for the 50k because I will run the 50k if I raise 300+ dollars. I’m so excited it’s silly. My brother and his wife were my official donation. They donated directly to Sew Hope via paypal noting that the donation was on behalf of Jayme Ball and forwarded me the confirmation email. I checked with the race director and it’s good to go! ❤ I’m going to send off registration for the race by tomorrow!!! I have plans to have a fundraising WOD at my box in the month of July. I’m thinking $3 dollars entry; bring $5 and you get a raffle and for each 5 after you get 3 more raffle tickets. I’m thinking about raffleing off a 25-50 dollar gift card to someplace like WOD superstore or the like. <Insert your thoughts and ideas here please ;)> I don’t know how to get anyone else involved, people don’t like to donate unless they get something out of it. Anyone have any ideas/thoughts that could help me out? I’ve never done anything like this before. Or maybe I should just keep it simple since it is my first time?

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