Catchup and Personal Discoveries

in the two weeks I have been missing and not blogging I have:
-read 3 books (An Abundance of Katherines and Looking For Alaska, both by John Green… And Bridget Jones Diary)
-observed one of the most beautiful sunsets i’ve seen in recent memory
IMG_2755[1] IMG_2753[1]
-started a new book (Beach Music by Pat Conroy)
-taken a yoga class in a church where my unit is in TN that I will never return to because it was awful
-spent 2 nights and days in the woods playing Army (I was a part of the opposing forces and that was rather fantastic)
IMG_2786[1] IMG_2798[1]

i yawn every time i see this damn picture

i yawn every time i see this picture

-worked several night shifts
-somehow managed to make a whole plan in my planner just to ignore the whole damn thing (for example, I wanted to organize all of my Army gear for my annual training coming up and its still all piled in the corner of the livingroom untouched from when I returned Sunday night)
-resist meat lovers pizza
-snapchat a ridicious amount
-watch video after video of Darren Criss (from Glee) while chopping veggies for my FauxGetti (I don’t use noodles and it’s chock full of veggies with ground turkey, italian seasoning, and spaghetti sauce)
-shopped for and purchase a box spring and mattress to replace the air mattress my hubby and I have been sleeping on for 14 months now… gotta try all the beds out!
-make amends with a person from years ago that was a total dick. come to find he is a completely different person and he apologized for the past. so that was rather wonderful

 Clearly, I make good use of my time.
Now I’m gonna share some of my thoughts and personal discoveries
1) I complain far too often and at some point, I will figure out a good way for me to fix that.
2) I love my cinnamon dolce lattes from Starbucks, but I think my favorite way to have coffee is fresh ground and brewed at home with French Vanilla creamer. I do enjoy coffee shop environments though. I never got to do the coffee shop dates though and get jealous when I see scenes like that in movies or TV shows
3) I latch onto memories for dear life. Sometimes it is to feelings and memories I should have let go of years ago. I am proud to say that I have finally freed one that has been prisoner for far too long and as a result, I am finally reading “Beach Music” by Pat Conroy. I’ve had that book for years and would not read it because of the inner turmoil the memory of the person that told me it was their favorite book.

items with attached memories

items with attached memories

4) Yoga is the key to my life. I may not breathe in when they are telling me and I may forget to make the “haaaa” sound as I struggle to balance in some weird tree pose… but it has brought balance to my life.
5) “Hero Week” at CrossFit is a week of the most demanding workouts in honor of fallen heroes (mostly military). It’s the one week a year you are encouraged to push too hard (while still being smart). It’s the one week where you dig a little deeper to sweat a little more and push a little further for the Hero being honored. I always learn a lesson during Hero Week. Last year, I learned that I can survive. This year, I learned that I need to really incorporate more strength sessions into my training and that I have made progress over the past year (repeated a workout and was able to use 30# more this year than last year).  I learned that I am a part of a family at my gym and that I’ve only been isolating myself.  Oh, and “Murph” is brutal in 90 degree direct sunlight with 85% humidity, but somehow I still beat last year by 7 whole seconds. haha 🙂
IMG_2838[1] IMG_2841[1] IMG_2839[1]
6) I fear success as much as I fear failure
7) I think I need to take a class on focus and time management… do they have those? I have such an addictive personality that I get absorbed into whatever it is I’m doing, watching, or reading and procrastinate the tasks and chores I need to accomplish. I am considering eliminating all time consuming apps on my phone (wordpress, facebook, pinterest, etc) in order to at least stop doing mind numbing things that pass time I need to put towards more productive things.
this is me to a science

this is me to a science

2 thoughts on “Catchup and Personal Discoveries

  1. I am just about to start Paper Towns, I find I need a break between John Green books, my last one was Finding Alaska. What did you think? Deleting all the apps would be require a lot of will power. Kudos to you, I don’t think I could do that.

    • I loved Finding Alaska. Absolutely loved it. Enough to reread it before I have to give it back to its owner and to officially throw it into my favorite books category 🙂 I haven’t done it yet. Don’t give me kudos yet.

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