Lincoln, Day 2

Well I planned on writing this Saturday night but clearly failed. Thought about it yesterday, but marathon brain sent me straight to dreamland once I slowed down enough. So I write to you from my iPhone on a bus headed to Omaha. Now where were we…
Ah yes. Saturday. I meant to wake up at 530 but clearly my subconscious said eff that when I set the alarm for pm instead of am. I rolled out of bed around 650 and headed to the cardio room to get a couple miles in. I knocked out my abs challenge day 11 and headed to breakfast feast. I took my sweet time reading my book, The Gunslinger by Stephen King, and drinking delicious free coffee with too much food. By the time I showered and got dressed, it was close to 10 am when I walked out the door heading back to the expo.

I had decided I wanted compression sleeves instead of socks because the socks give me blisters on my feet. I also decided I wanted a thinner pair of wool socks.

Okay so the color combination wasn’t ideal but you do what you gotta do. 50 dollars later…. Ugh. I went and bought another snickerdoodle. I ate half and put the other half in my bag so I could share with Jim (if you didn’t read day 1 Jim is another runner for the state of TN). I moseyed on over to Starbucks and ordered my faaaavorite drink. I sat down to blog about day 1 when my phone rang. It was COL (the guy in charge of Jim and I) saying it was time for team photos and asking that I bring him a tall drink since I was at Starbucks. Oh, don’t worry, I was at Starbucks long enough to eat the rest of the cookie. Haha. Whoops.

A tall is just so tiny!
We took our team photo…

… Clearly, we look like a team. Ha. Sorry about the crappy photo, that’s what you get when the person taking it doesn’t focus…. Ugh. Jim is on the left and COL is on the right. When that was done Jim and I decided it was lunchtime.

That salad was damn delicious. It was just a basic salad with grilled chicken added. The balsamic vinegarette was the best I’ve ever had that I can recall. I knew better than to go back to my room because then I would fall asleep and I needed to be able to get good sleep before the race so we wandered all around Nebraska, probably logged 5mi or so on our legs.



The bikes were all over the place at random. The building is the Capitol building. And the rows upon rows of boxes is at Licorice International. I had so many samples that I didn’t have enough of a sweet tooth left to even wanna purchase. Haha. Oops. Jim bought 4 bags plus some nasty sounding jelly belly beans for his daughters. I had so much fun just shooting the shit and wandering around with Jim. He is still more reserved than me, but had warmed up to me. He’s got an awesome sense of humor!! Very clever. Eventually we decided to rest a bit before dinner and that’s when I finished Day 1 blog.

My carboloading comes in the form of a bunless burger and fries. And I heard Misty’s has the best around Lincoln.



Ohhhhh good God. That salted caramel cheesecake was AMAZING. Oh the burger and fries were incredible too. But ooooooh that cheesecake. Seriously incredible.
The evening finished with an hour National Guard meeting where the states were introduced and stood up to say something (often with humor as the purpose). They wished us good luck and bid us goodnight.

I laid out my outfit and shut the lights out at 9pm.

4 thoughts on “Lincoln, Day 2

  1. Now I’m getting homesick! Thank you for sharing your story – I hope the race was a great one for you.

    I remember when the bikes went up – about ten years ago – it was a contest of sorts from the Arts Council called Tour de Lincoln where different groups decorated their own sculptures. There were some really clever ones.

  2. Wish there was a way to post pictures in comments. Do an image search of Tour de Lincoln, there were some clever ones.

    Did you see the guy at the aid station in the tux? He’s been a fixture for years.

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