Lincoln, Day 1

Here I am again blogging from my iPhone but today I am sitting in Starbucks soaking up free wifi. I am here to share my adventures from yesterday (Day 1 in Lincoln).
I slept until 830 am which is sleeping in to me.
Ahhh that king sized fluffy bed. Clearly I had a feast for breakfast. Hey it’s a free breakfast. I overeat breakfast and save money the rest of the day!!! I enjoyed some delicious coffee too.

Found a really neat little coffee shop bookstore as I started roaming around Lincoln waiting for the Colonel (COL is what we will call him) to call.
And then all that wandering around made me hungry. There are SO many options of places to eat that I decided to go with the one that lured me in with their delicious tantalizing aroma.
Oh it might not look like much but it was delicious. Good decision. Finally I had wasted enough time and the expo would be opening soon (2pm). So I headed that way to pick up my packet and mosey around. COL texts me saying he is there too and wearing a green shirt. I felt like a creeper as I asked if he was he one with glasses on his head and leaning on the counter. The line continues moving smoothly and before long we have both snagged our bib and goodies. We went to the expo where I let him navigate. He bought sunglasses (because he has acidic sweat that ruins sunglasses supposedly) and new Muzinos. I knew I wanted compression sleeves and possibly new socks but I didn’t wanna shop with him because I’m indecisive. He did buy me a GU that I mentioned I hear is like dessert.
I stopped at the giant dollar cookie place to introduce him to snickerdoodles. It was love at first bite. We headed back to the hotel at this point. Walked a longer route to talk more and get to know each other and discuss the flight fiasco.

I took a significant small coma nap until 530p and then headed down to the lobby since the required workshop begins at 6p. There were a ton of people down enjoying FREE wine and beer and liquor with pretzels, chips and salsa, and goldfish.

I did participate in goldfish activities. Met the other TN runner Jim and we all headed to the brief workshop that took a mere 30 minutes. It was painless and even kind of entertaining. We got out of there and COL was ready to get his drink on. Jim and I were hungry so we headed down to a restaurant we thought would have veggies.

We were wrong. I ate my food (somehow didn’t take a picture) but Jim barely touched his. It wasn’t good. We did laugh and talk. Well, I talked and he laughed. We both turned in to relax and sleep at 830p. Haha. How lame. My plan was to go to bed early to wake up early (530a).

NOTABLE INFO: COL is super laid back and easy going. He is very sociable and has a fantastic sense of humor with a severe case of conversational/social ADHD. Jim is quiet but great company. He laughs at my cleverness and stories so he is a great self esteem booster. There are A LOT of Boston shirts and jackets so it’s intimidating for someone like me. It makes me wonder why I’m here. Through the entire day and all the people I met, I am the one expecting the slowest time by 25+ minutes. Wowzer.

That brings us to the end of a simple day 1. I’m still living day 2 and hope to blog the day tonight before I retire for the night. We shall see.


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