Travels to Lincoln

Ohhhhhhh dear sweet baby Jesus. It was one hell of an adventure getting from my home in Phenix City, AL to my hotel in Lincoln, NE.
My original flights were cancelled because of someone within the ARNG chain of command not approving the itinerary. Come yesterday morning, I still had no flights. I was spazzing out so I made a trip to that same yoga facility I used last week for one hour off the grid. BEST decision EVER. I was able to let stress leave my body in the form of sweat. I had a friend that actually came out to try it out too! We stayed around and chatted afterwards as we sipped on our hot tea. As we sipped, my phone rang.
Confirmed flight from Atlanta at 1844
I was thrilled. Hubby was able to get out of work early enough to get me there in time.
I had two hours to kill before the flight so I ate steamed veggies and a small portion of what seemed to be the whole chicken. I was instructed to resist coffee urges so that I would be able to sleep on the plane. So I did. I read, I people watched. I walked around…. I watched little girls dancing to the beat of music in their heads. I watched people doze off while reading and catch themselves. I saw the strangest hats and outfits ever and entertained myself attempting to snag photos (failed). At 1745 I realized there must have been a gate change or something because the plane that landed was HUGE and the sign said South Africa. I waited forever in a huge line to discover I’m an idiot. I was at the gate of my seat number. There was no gate listed. I grew wings from my shoes and took off to get to the correct concourse and gate and onto the plane.
Ohhhh the plane. I sat next to a woman that I’m certain is decaying with flowing crazy white poodle hair. She smelled of menthol cough drops and denture goo. I thought that would be the worst of it. Ohhhh no. Then she spoke. Sweeeet sweet crazy old woman spoke. She loves jazz dance and mustangs. She’s catholic and just spent a month in Rome. She’s a mental health professional. She MADE me take down her info. I know that her grandson in law is black (and as if I didn’t understand that, she points to my black yoga pants) but the kindest most genuinely good man for her granddaughter. She rattled off the 17 health insurance companies that support her practice. This was all before we took off. You can imagine how my flight was…. She constantly asked questions and was totally psychoanalyzing me.
Get to Omaha and the place is practically shut down. Nowhere to get a snack or a drink. Nothingness…. So I read and walked around and read and people watched. Finally, my shuttle ride showed up.
I did finally make it to my hotel room where I proceeded to collapse into sleep since it was 1230. We will discuss the hotel later.

How well do you travel? What do you do when you sit next to a particularly strong character ? Do you any suggestions on politely asking someone to leave you alone after a certain point in time?

Forgive the lack of visual stimulation. I’m on my iPhone and my photos are not saved in here. More from my Lincoln adventures later today. 🙂


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