Pieces of My Mind


I had to venture over to Starbucks since the storms that hit our AL town seem to have fried our internet and killed our TV. I bought a skinny half-caf cinnamon dolce latte so I don’t feel bad about brining my own trail mix….

I threw dinner in the crock pot at home and then left to tan and hop next door to throw a blog post together with pieces of my mind.

1. PLANET FITNESS… (I just left there so this is fresh on my mind)… I have SO many problems with this place. Let’s start with the fact that they advertise a NO JUDGEMENT zone, yet they constantly target and judge people. Have you heard/saw their advertisements?!?! They are stereotyping the hell out of people. Just because someone drops a weight doesn’t make them a douche “lunk”… IT MEANS THAT SHIT WAS HEAVY. I completely understand providing a comfortable environment for people that are just starting to dip their toes into the fitness world. I commend their thought process. But offering Tootsie Rolls daily, pizza night once a month, and bagel morning once a month isn’t necessary. I promise we people take care of cheat days all on our own. We don’t need your extra temptation and justifications. Moments before opening this to start venting, I stumbled upon more fuel for my fire (another blogger just posted about Planet Fitness) with more irritants such as discriminating against some females that are possibly too fit, too pregnant, and too Muslim… ARGH. I don’t really have any problems out of the one I use. I use it because it is the best bang for my buck with tanning and a plethora of cardio machines (can’t beat 22 bucks a month for that…)

planet fitness

2. Our maintenance man… comes by unannounced, is so nice it’s genuinely creepy, and doesn’t wash his hands after he uses the bathroom…. He will knock on the door and if you don’t answer instantaneously, he will let himself in. That’s not awesome when you work inconsistent schedules (including mostly night shifts). I think I’m gonna get a sign that says do NOT disturb for when I’m sleeping during the day. He came by yesterday morning and I was throwing together dinner before I head to crossfit before I took a nap since I didn’t get any sleep during my 12hr work shift. He used MY paper towels because he was too lazy to run to the truck. He used the bathroom (not a problem) but I know he didn’t wash his damn hands because when I used the bathroom to put my hair up, the sink was dry. That guy was touching all kinds of crap in the kitchen working on the dish washer and sink. Oh! The dishwasher… I have been using it as a drying rack for the dishes since it’s out of commission. He asks “are these clean?” I say yes and turn to remove the racks so that he can do what he needs to. NO he turns that shit on and the dirty water that’s pooled in the bottom got all over the entire set of dishes. I had to rewash them and sanitize the kitchen. I could have stabbed him in the eye with a spork. OHHHHHHHH I have to move on before I commit a crime cave for some delicious banana nut bread to soothe myself. haha. that’s almost like a crime.

brace yourself

3. #shirtsaredumb This one is positive but sad. One of my two favorite CrossFit coaches (who uses this hashtag often and firmly believes that shirts are, in fact, dumb) moved away yesterday. It’s strange that it took knowing he was leaving to realize how much his presence (however sporadic it was due to Army stuff) meant to me. His humor is fantastic. His attention to detail is incredible. He would come in to work out and if he saw someone in the front of the room doing dangerous squats or horrendous thrusters he would stop what he was doing to go help. To coach. To encourage. He was such a stickler for proper form on squats. During 14.5, he was my judge. I assure you, I would not have done half as well if I had a different judge. He made me smile when I was certain I was dying. He really pushed you to be your best with the best damn sense of humor I have ever known personally. At his going away dinner, the last thing I assured him was that I would facebook stalk him for his humor. haha. He likes having his ego stroked and I like laughing, so it works for both of us. When I decide to try my hand at coaching, I hope I am half the coach he is. Washington DC won’t know what hit it. Meanwhile, back here in AL, those of us that value a damn good coach feel kind of lost at the moment.


a snapshot taken from a video of him missing a 42" box jump (he nailed it a couple days later when someone held the weights in place)

a snapshot taken from a video of him missing a 42″ box jump (he nailed it a couple days later when someone held the weights in place)

I have more to say, but these are the first three thoughts that came to mind and I think that now is a good time to wrap it up. My hubby is home waiting on me! Plus there is supposed to be a second round of severe storms coming sometime.

What do you think of Planet Fitness?
Do you have any maintenance man horror stories?
You ever lost a super motivational coach/workout buddy to the ever flowing and constantly changing river of life?
What do you get at your favorite coffee shop?

3 thoughts on “Pieces of My Mind

  1. I makes me laugh when the use bullying to justify anti-bullying policies. You wouldn’t catch me dropping my money in there. Happiness, acceptance and even the way one reacts to “judgement” are all inside jobs. The reason people get so down about being judged is that those “judgements” simply confirm what they already feel about themselves. Kinda sad actually. I feel bad for those who feel based on what they believe others think of them.

  2. I can’t answer the first three questions, but I seem to always get a caramel frappe or vanilla latte whenever I go.

    I do hope you can still enjoy the jokes of your former coach. Laughter really is a great medicine.

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