One Week From Today

One week from today I will hopefully have survived 26.2 miles in the streets of Lincoln, Nebraska.

first 2mi anyway

There’s a slight problem… It really isn’t a big deal… um…. I haven’t really been running much. I had designed a beautiful training plan and was following it, only mentally complaining often,Β like any normal runner… until injury happened.

injury please let me run

I found myself relatively depressed. I qualified for this race with my 1st marathon time back in Nov… it wasn’t a fast requirement (4:30 for females)… to represent the TN Army National Guard. I’m supposed to be out there as a role model to others and I’m showing up untrained! I cannot put into words the amount of anxiety that’s causing. After weeks of injury, I got out and ran a trail half marathon in March and it went fine so I was going to resume training… WRONG. Then I got the mother of all colds that took me out of commission for 10 days. I couldn’t breathe.

believe you can marathon

I believe I can run a marathon and Felicity Luckey says I’m halfway there πŸ˜‰ I hope that crazy will carry me the other 13.1 miles.

train mind for running

Is it possible to have trained the mind without training the body? I have done the best I can to maintain intense workouts with crossfit. I have done alternate forms of cardio. I have read books and articles about incredible endurance athletes and people that overcome obstacles. I have run a marathon before… I hit the wall for 8 miles because I started out too fast… I have gone 50.47mi in 11.5 hours despite not having run in 2 months. I know my brain has some toughness to endure. I just wish I wasn’t going to be slower than the qualifying time.

live like there is no midnight

There may not be a midnight for me next week. So this is a rule I can live by! πŸ˜‰


I’m not afraid to take chances. That’s for sure. I love people telling me that I’m crazy. I love people telling me that I can’t do something. Oh I can. I might not be fast or strong… but I am too damn stubborn not to do it. I may cry a river of tears before, during, and after.

superman wasn't brave

Next Sunday I will need to embrace pain. I could easily be defeated (by a crumpling ankle in a pothole or something) but I will continue to move forward (I hope).

I am scared as hell. I’m not gonna lie. I remember practically falling apart after my marathon in November. Β I do not actually KNOW one person out there this time. I won’t have any burst of energy coming from my husband popping up to give me a GU. I won’t have my brother or anyone waiting at the finish line. I am prone to migraines after exertion (regardless of how well I hydrate beforehand). Crossfit lasts at worst 45-50 minutes and that’s more rare than common. That’s nothing compared to a 4.5-5hr race… So I’m just scared.

I don’t like the idea of knowing that I’m supposed to be a role model… a good example of a physically active and fit soldier… I don’t know how to explain how not having trained makes me feel. Bad. I feel bad. I feel pressure and like I’m letting people down. 😦 I survived those 50 miles… I need to remember that (I’ll just “forget” that I couldn’t walk for 3 days after)

What do you think? Play it safe or leave it all out on that course after taking it easy the first half? I have a couple of other people from TNARNG that will be out there and can help me out if I were to need it.

Have you ever run a race you weren’t prepared for? How did it go?

6 thoughts on “One Week From Today

  1. You should be okay… Be sure to fuel… If you fuel and go easy the real struggles shouldn’t begin until the 2nd half… Be safe and enjoy! Be realistic and think reasonably.. Set a goal for yourself and go get er..

    • My goal is less than 5 hours. It’s slower than the qualifying time but I feel as though it’s realistic. 73 and sunny might put a stop to that. I’m still hoping a rain cloud comes into the picture. That second half is gonna be your definition of fun. πŸ™‚ abusive and mentally challenging.

  2. You’ll be fine. Anybody can be a role model under perfect conditions, you get to be one for what to do when things just don’t happen the way you planned them, which is also known as reality.

    The ones I was prepared for I felt like crap and I was miserable but then there were others that were actually pretty great and went remarkably well. So it’s a crap shoot. You may surprise yourself!

  3. I think you will be fine. You’d be surprised how much CrossFit helps even though the workouts are less than an hour. Make sure you take it easy(ish) this week so you have plenty of physical stamina. Definitely fuel and hydrate appropriately. Flying Pig is next weekend and I’m in the same boat (albeit, without the mid-training injury). I jumped into an aggressive training plan, did a little too much, got beat up by winter (gah! so glad it’s over!!) and got sick a few times. Had the best run of this whole training period two days ago. I’ll cross my fingers for you if you cross your fingers for me. πŸ˜‰ Although, I’m pretty sure we’ll both be fine. Positive thoughts, happy faces, and enjoy the run!

    • Oh I’m sure crossfit will help. Take it easy this week… okay. well, starting tomorrow I will do that (today is too late I just died a small terrible death with 65# Thrusters and toes to bar with running…. I like the idea of having something in the reserves for Sunday. I am all over hydration **glug glug** and fuel (as I shovel part of a gigantic lunch I just made into my mouth). Deal. My fingers are crossed for you and your Flying Pig race. πŸ™‚ We got this!

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