Gave Yoga A Go Today

I got a wild hair up my butt and decided I wanted to try a yoga class. Between my obsession with love for CrossFit and the running that I do that I will be doing, I need some time to unwind and relax. I need some flexibility and peace in my life… I found a local place called RiverFlow Yoga that allows for residents to drop into a class for free. That sealed the deal for me. FREE is good. Very good.

My view from my mat

My view from my mat

I signed up for a Vinyasa (move with breath synchronization… flow) class online last night and set my phone to remind me to leave the house by 9 for the 930 Basic Yoga class. Getting there my googlemaps app decided to be a pain in the butt and LITERALLY send me in a circle… It was creating a great deal of stress which kinda made me chuckle since I was getting stressed trying to find my yoga class. By time I rolled up, I needed the destresser. First of all, it smelled like peace and calm in there. That hit me before I walked in the door. I actually forgot about the adventure to get there immediately. I signed a form saying I am capable and blah-blah-blah… then was shown where everything was. Changing room. Single beautiful bathroom. Room that they lock during class where you store your belongings. Very simple, single studio.


I’ve done yoga of sorts at home several times so I did have my own lavender colored mat. I’ve never touched this other stuff  (the blocks and the belt looking thing) before. We didn’t use them. I did use the towel though. Haha. There were three other females in the class with me. The first two to arrive were doing things to prepare like simple poses and things. I just copied them a little so I didn’t look like a complete fool. Class soon began and the instructor explained Ujjayi breathing since that’s the type of breathing that is utilized during Vanyasa yoga.   She has such a wonderful silky sweet voice that was perfect for a yoga instructor. As she demonstrated poses, she also toured the room correcting posture and things while we ran through the sequence. The nice thing about this class is you went through everything once slowly as she explained it and then you repeated the sequence more quickly. Downside was my breathing got all jacked up. The instructor was excited because the class was small and we we doing well so she threw in the Crow pose….

Crow Pose (kak asana)

Crow Pose (kak asana)

It took me a minute, but by golly guys, I GOT IT! (I literally exclaimed holy crap out loud when I did get it) I only held it maybe 10 seconds or so, but I DID IT. We continued to flow through things and then it was time to play and try to progress to a headstand. This graphic I found is perfect. That’s EXACTLY how she taught us. headstandShe was providing a spot for another woman when I gave it my first go. I surprised myself by actually making it up. I didn’t stay long… but I got there. So she came over to me and I gave it another go and listened to the tips she had and was able to hold my own headstand for somewhere between 3-5 seconds (just enough time for me to think “aw man I wish I could get a picture”)… Interestingly enough, that was my first “outside” thought. I was so busy focusing on positions and breathing that I had very little attention problems… well, less than anticipated.  After class, I took a selfie of my super thrilled and feeling great face. 🙂


I will likely be back. I need to determine if it was the instructor, the class, the facility, or a new blossoming love for yoga. It’s not free to try out other facilities, but I still think that might not be a bad idea.  I also live by “don’t fix what ain’t broke”… so I might get a 10 class pass and stick with this one while I learn this artform.


The instructor here knows her stuff… when she corrected your form, you felt it immediately. It didn’t even bother me that she touched me (other than that she made everything more intense). Turns out I’ve been doing child pose and downward dog slightly wrong… she made one small change to both and it made a large difference. During the final relaxation pose, she came around and massaged the shoulder girdle a bit and then the temples down the neck for maybe 30 of the most wonderful seconds of my life.

I did learn that my mat sucks. I stick to it, but it slides on the floor. I battled that the whole time. So I know that if I am going to do this, I am going to have to invest in a better mat.

I can't trust ANYONE's farts!!! bah-hahaha.

I can’t trust ANYONE’s farts!!! bah-hahaha.

All in all, I had a very exciting and wonderful first class. No fart stories. No monotonous voice or uncaring instructor. No large class to get lost in… A small class that allowed for one-on-one assistance and a little bit of play (crow and headstand). I’m tickled to death right now.

What about you? Have you ever done yoga? Do you have any horror stories or success stories?



4 thoughts on “Gave Yoga A Go Today

  1. Very cool! I try to go once a week to class. I think it’s really important for runners (and anyone). Horror stories? Hmmm, I’ve seen several people fall, but that goes with it. There was an elderly Asian lady next to me at one class who kept ripping farts the whole time!!! What gives lady?

    • Haha. I would have laughed at the farts. I seem to lack the ability to stifle laughter completely. I definitely couldn’t have ignored it and focused on my breathing. Hahaha.

  2. I am so glad to read that you had such a wonderful first experience with yoga! This sounds like a great studio with knowledgeable teachers. I hope that you decide to continue with the practice, yoga is such a great compliment to both cross fit and running – even if you decide not to continue with practicing at the studio there are many great online yoga sites that have many classes to choose from, my personal favorite is YogaVibes, Sage Rountree has some great Yoga for Athletes classes on there!

    Good luck and please let me know if you have any questions I can help with!

    • Thank you for the website suggestions! I am going to attend one more class this week and was thinking about the same class as last week before I decide if I am going to buy a 10 class pack. I want to make sure that my enthusiasm for doing things I didn’t know I could isn’t my reason that I loved it so much. haha. I want to attend several classes before I start doing it at home that way I have a better sense of what I should be doing. I will definitely keep you in mind should any questions arise!

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