Finally Saw Rock City

Woke up at 4am on Saturday to head towards Chattanooga to meet up with my best friends to finally SEE ROCK CITY and Ruby Falls. I decided a couple weeks ago that we were going on my drive home from drill. I decided I was tired of not having saw Rock City

rock garden IMG_2265 IMG_0743 IMG_0741

So we went… and we were rebels… and slightly obnoxious

steal from terrace pick a flower let me escape or climb chose your own throne easter bench IMG_2319 IMG_2271

I did my Spartan pushup challenge… some in Rock City and some at Ruby Falls. We laughed and played and laughed some more. We did enjoy some beauty.

overlook IMG_2316 IMG_2315 IMG_2312 IMG_2311 IMG_2309 IMG_2306 IMG_2304 IMG_2300 IMG_2299 IMG_2292 IMG_2279 IMG_2270 IMG_0744IMG_2329

Really and truly enjoyed ourselves and our company.

vaneric eyes closed between the balls IMG_2334 gnome jayme IMG_2328 IMG_2298wake sleeping beauty

Then we headed over to Ruby Falls.

jessie and i cave the group cave light cave IMG_0756 IMG_0754

Between myself and Jessie, we have something like 300 photos. The pictures of what we saw doesn’t do it justice, so I only shared those that I thought gave a good impression. For the most part, Paul and I are the obnoxious ones and Jessie and VanEric just laughed at us. The pushups in the cave left the front of my jacket muddy, but I bet not many people (if any) have done what I did. haha.

Rock City Gardens were gorgeous, but will be even more incredible in a few weeks when it’s all green and full of life (once winter decides once and for all to stay away)… Ruby Falls was pretty neat, but it would be nice to have seen that more naturally.

Absolutely worth the 7 hours round trip to spend 7 hours with my two best friends (each one had about 1.5-2 hours to drive from different directions). I cannot put into words what it means to me that they met me. I also cannot put into words how badly I needed that. Next time we get to explore Atlanta together where it’s about 3 hours or so for them and 2 for me. I cannot wait.


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