Time To Rest

This week has been brutal.


Monday we did a 20 minute workout that had you doing strict pull ups, hand stand pushups, and jumping lunges. I woke up Tuesday with my bum sore…

Tuesday we did something for time that included wall balls, box jumps, power cleans, and double-unders. I was afraid of doing so much jumping because of that injury I sustained in during the first workout of The Open

This is the girl I was trying to stay ahead of... I'm the girl in the background... She kept me motivated.

This is the girl I was trying to stay ahead of… I’m the girl in the background… She kept me motivated.

Wednesday we worked on Turkish Get Up skills for 15-20 minutes and then for 10 minutes, we did one per arm with as heavy a weight as possible. I discovered I can do one with both arms at 35#. There were people that are far stronger than me that couldn’t do that!!! 🙂 There was a small workout with kettle bell swings and goblet squats after and I did it with 53#! I can check that off of my to-accomplish this year list of fitness goals… yay!

I skipped rest day yesterday because they were doing my favorite thing for strength day… The Bear Complex… it’s a power clean followed by front squat and then push press and then back squat and then push press. That’s ONE! I love love love love love it. We were looking for a 5 rep max. I managed to get 85#. I was quite pleased with that.

Then today… ooooooooooooooh today… 530 am… miserable rain… one of the worst nights sleep in recent memory… hero WOD “Whitten”….

WhittenI’m pretty sure I was staring death in the face at the end… It took me 41 minutes and 9 seconds. I used 35# for my kettlebell swings, 20″ for the box, and used 14# for my wall balls. My shoulders were so angry! 110 kettle bell swings, box jumps, burpees, and wall ball shots later and I was starving so I pried myself from the floor of my box, leaving my sweaty rain angel, and made a hearty breakfast. That’s me at work…. my head hurt earlier (I’ve finally recovered) and I know without a shadow of a doubt that it came from the level of exertion of that workout this morning…

It’s time to rest. I’ve done well with fueling my body this week and hydrating… I’ve done well with sleep (until last night… but it wasn’t for lack of trying)… I feel good about this week and I’m not sorry I worked out 5 days in a row.

Tomorrow, I wake up bright and early (4am) and head to Chattanooga to see Rock City and Ruby Falls with some of my favorite people on the planet. I am very excited. It’s going to be an amazing rest day. 🙂


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