Groceries and Marathons

First of all, I HAVE to share this…… I cannot help but smile and giggle a little when I see it, therefore it’s worth sharing….


If you haven’t seen Frozen, that’s not going to be hilarious to you… but I love grumpy cat and I love Frozen…. moving on…..

Yesterday, I got off work at 9am and had decided that I was going to register for the MS Blues Marathon when it opened at noon so I decided a good filler of time would be grocery shopping!!! Sometimes I absolutely love this chore and have fun with it. This was one of those days.

IMG_2188[1]It’s seriously a miracle that this didn’t wind up in my cart. I’m not a fan of chocolate cake though and I am still mad at myself for the OD on M&Ms and twizzlers (that I didn’t mention then but am confessing now) from Sunday… So I kept walking… and grabbed some tropical trail mix instead.

IMG_2189[1]What in the name of Olaf is this?!?!?!? I am curious though, not enough to buy a package…. if I were to buy Oreos, it would be the birthday cake kind… I took a whiff of them as I passed by… yeah… i whiffed them, sue me… speaking of whiff……



I did get new air freshener too. This smells INCREDIBLE. Very springy. Yay spring.IMG_2190[1]


This is my cart after making my rounds at Walmart. I was quite proud. They were missing a few things so I had to stroll over to Publix. IMG_2191[1]I am not drinking this year, but I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t like to give that a try. Maybe I’ll remember that in 8 months (not likely)

IMG_2192[1]Okay, real talk… I have had the vanilla kind (it’s okay) and the chocolate kind (DELICIOUS)…. those are the only two kinds I have ever seen. They are at Walmart. I don’t know what possessed me to stoll down the aisle at Publix for some since I just resisted the urge at Walmart. HOLY HELL. THERE ARE OTHER KINDS!!!!!!!!! there are these kinds and chocolate peanut butter and turtle and cookie dough…… OOOOOOOH EMMMMM GEEEEE. I sent this picture to my husband and he told me to control myself… this is the clip of conversation that followed

IMG_2195[1]Yeah… Imagine my surprise when I got home to see that there is a puppy on the shopping list…

Then I waited impatiently for noon… while I chit chat with my brother about 50ks and progression towards 100mi and crazy stupid (which apparently I am thanks to running distance which is apparently stupid and doing crossfit which is crazy… i’m okay with it haha)

Noon came and I realized that the registration opened at noon central. DAMN. Hour left to waste.

IMG_2180[1]Lazy time with Roxanne.

giddy feeling

Then it was finally time to register. Full Marathon… myself AND my husband! 26.2 challenging miles through the rolling course in Jackson, MS for Mississippi Blues Marathon to the gigantic finisher medal. I AM SO EXCITED. and my husband hates me. (I did NOT sign him up without consent, I have standards… I will only do that for 10ks or less). I received an email saying that the first 500 would be half off… I paid 50 per person and was really confused about that being the half price… I just checked the price today (now that there are more than 500 and it’s 70. I want my 30 bucks back! (I emailed them)…. Jan 10, 2015…. cannot wait. can’t wait for the long runs I get to drag Paul out on… can’t wait for him to hate me while we run together… it’s half of a dream come true (the other half would be him enjoying it, but i’m gonna be realistic. haha). We are doing the marathon for the pick. When you complete the full, you get an additional piece to your medal. He picked a good race for his first (and probably only) marathon… Jan 10, 2015 is going to be amazing. Only gotta wait 9 months… no biggie

Do you have fun with your grocery shopping or am I crazy?
Ever waited to sign up for a race when it first opens up?
Does your significant other race?









2 thoughts on “Groceries and Marathons

  1. Blog stalker here – I’m really interested to see what you have to say about Mississippi Blues. Yes, I’m willing to wait 8 months. I hope you have a great time! PS – nominated you for a Liebster blog award. 🙂

    • haha. nothing wrong with blog stalkers. 🙂 I already ran the half there. There’s a blog about it somewhere. I enjoyed the race. It was hillier than I had anticipated and I never seem to actually train for a race, but I loved it. It will be my first ever return race… thank you for the nomination!

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