Puppies Cars and IHOP

There are days I take 10985340987 photos of everything from dandelion fluff to the dog’s nose, but today was not one of those days. Not sure why… in the back of my head I keep telling myself the hubs and I need a new couple photo so that people see us together on facebook or instagram or here on my blog…

photo 2

I came home from working 12 hours overnight to find little stickies on the door. One says I love you and the other says oops too many stickies since he obviously ripped off two when he meant to have one… Once inside, I obnoxiously woke the sleeping bear my handsome hubby up. I elicited Miss Roxanne’s help since she catches enthusiasm like it’s the flu. Paul kept asking me what I was making for breakfast. I dragged my feet to the kitchen when Paul suggested we just go to Ihop. DING DING DING DING. That was like magical words to me and away we went.


The plan was that Paul was going to work on my car today and I was going to sleep (since I work another 12 tonight), walk the pooch, and tan… FAIL. Over breakfast (that was messed up badly enough to extend conversation while we waited on my pancakes that wound up sucking anyway), we discussed whether or not my car was worth working on.  We decided no, so we re-wrote the agenda for the day… car shopping.

ummm…. not that I just google for memes pertaining to the topic at hand, but…. this seems like a legit tip… can someone explain the duck? hahaha


I think we looked at several lots getting ideas of what I might want. I get delirious as I get tired (who doesn’t) and started saying stuff about puppies. SO HUBBY TOOK ME TO WHERE THEY HAVE PUPPIES. I fell in love with a puppy I named Hercules.

he wouldn't stop moving!

he wouldn’t stop moving!

He was sooooooooooooooooooo cute and licky. Him and Roxanne would become besties IMMEDIATELY. I’m not gonna lie, if he wasn’t 1700 bucks, I would have a fluffy puppy waiting on me at home. Then life got even better! We visited the pet adoption place where there was all kinds of doggies! Enthusiasm all over the place there. There was an Australian Shepherd there that was supposedly shy, but she loved us immediately. Then there was this basset hound mix that was soft and sweet. We might take Roxanne to meet her in a day or two! 🙂 We really don’t need another dog. I think I want a toy Australian Shepherd. Perfect amount of fluffy and cute and size. I love all the puppies!!!!!!!!!!!! (Puppy is synonymies with dog in our household. Paul started it. He sees a full grown British Mastiff and says “puuuuuppy!”)

Then it was nap time. Paul woke me up with enough time to shower before he had dinner made.

Today was pretty amazing. Simple, but amazing. Full of smiles and laughter. A happy Sunday.

photo 1

I have a confession though: I have relapsed…. giving in once again to my addiction to…..

today (2)


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I’m so ashamed! 😉 but at least I took care of the #spartan30 pushup challenge. 13 days down 17 to go. fiiiiiiiiiiiiine. maybe I’ll look into the sugar detox or something… or go searching for my self control. I was doing really, really well and then BOOM suddenly I love sugar again. Step 1: admit you have a problem…. CHECK. Step 2: eat all the M&Ms say no to M&Ms…. RESIST M&Ms…. Looks like I have some work to do 😉

today (1)


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