CrossFit and Magnets

I often struggle with finding my place in the world. I struggle with figuring out how to make my mark. I struggle with making friends. So I struggle with feeling alone.

There are some people that can collect friends like people collect stamps. When they leave for a while and then come back to visit, they just naturally draw people to them like a magnet.

Kara, myself, Daisy, Michelle

Kara, myself, Daisy, Michelle

This third female from the left is one of those people. We aren’t particularly close, but we have always had respect for one another within the gym. She moved away and is in town for the weekend. She’s a magnet. It was neat getting her perspective of my progress within the gym. All three of the ladies in the picture beat me. That’s not really important. What’s important is that I’m taller not quitting… I suspect Kara and Michelle are both magnets as well. Me? I can’t even get someone to go bowling with me or go get a cup of coffee at a bookstore. But I feel like family when I’m at my gym.

Group photo at KFC drive thru

Group photo at KFC drive thru

Thursday I was the last person done. I had several cheerleaders as I dug deep to finish my 150 Russian kettlebell swings (53#) AND 50 toes to bar.

Friday I was the cheerleader for another athlete digging deep to complete.

Roberts Ridge Memorial WOD

RX For time:

10 Clean Jerks   135#/95#

20 KBS 53#/35#

30 Thrusters 45#/35#

40 pull ups

50 over the bar burpees

60 WBS 20#/14#

70 cal row/1000m run

She was finishing up the meat and potatoes of the workout and still had the run to do. I didn’t even hesitate. I knew as she was finishing her last 30 reps that I was going to be running another 1000m. She was so appreciative. I walked away feeling like I had done a good deed for the day. 🙂 Then we walked to the KFC drivethru (feeling obnoxious) and snagged a group photo.

Today was a partner workout where one person would run 400m while the other person did the work on the 15 min AMRAP of 5 man makers and 12 ball slams…. We completed 8 rounds and made it to ball slams on round 9. We made an awesome team. Then I attempted 3 consecutive strict pullups. VICTORIOUS in a room full of people and NO ONE saw. I collected a few high fives and discussed marathons and running with Mary, my partner… then came home to a delicious breakfast waiting on me thanks to my hubby. 🙂

look at the perfect form of my partner!

look at the perfect form of my partner!

I’m trying to learn how to be less awkward about cheering someone one and supporting them. Some people are just natural with it. I just kinda stand there awkwardly and watch. I’ve gotten to where I use names and say “come on!” or “almost there”… I try to hand out high fives and smiles. I’m trying to find my place. I will find it.

I do leave my gym covered in sweat and wearing a smile. I do socialize but when I walk out, the social life ends. Then facebook and blogging become my social life… and my dog (yes of course I talk to her)

Don’t get me wrong. I have friends. AMAZING friends at that. But they live in other states. That’s not convenient at all. Sometimes I wish I were a magnet.


The only way to have a friend is to be a friend. So that’s where I’m starting.

What about you? Do you draw people in or do you have to go fishing? Do you prefer many or few friends?

7 thoughts on “CrossFit and Magnets

  1. Don’t worry I’m a fisher too! Generally I don’t worry about it too much…the people that are important are always there and the rest generally are fair weather friends 🙂

    • fair weather friends go for coffee or ice cream or a movie…. I don’t have one of those yet… not here where I live currently. I don’t worry about it too much, but sometimes it’s a little lonely. Only a little. Sometimes. haha.

  2. I think you summed it all up with “The only way to have a friend is to be a friend. So that’s where I’m starting.” That’s so perfectly stated. I think a lot of us struggle with reaching out of our comfort zones to be a friend. At least I know I do! I’m going with the fake-it-tip-you-make it approach. Haha! I’ve learned that I’m so much happier (generally can make someone else happy!) when I act like it’s natural and normal for me to start conversations or cheer someone else on or whatever. It feels awkward to me, but I know I would appreciate it if someone else did it for me.

    That was long and ramble-y, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that I feel ya and good luck! Friendship is hard but so worth it.

    (Also – high five on the 3 strict pull ups!!!)

    • Fake it until you make it…. maybe one day I’ll convince myself it’s natural!!! haha. I understand long and ramble-y… that’s the underlying theme of my blog I think 😉 high five accepted!

  3. I don’t think it matters how many friends you have – spending time with other people is great, but I do cherish my own time and space. I guess I’m neither a magnet nor a fisher in that respect, but just enjoying coasting along on my own for the most part.

    • I suppose I’m the same way… I do enjoy my alone time. My time to read or blog or clean the house while singing Disney songs. I don’t think there is anything wrong with coasting 🙂

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