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While I wait for my chicken to boil so that I can shred it for dinner… I decided to sit down with a cup of Joe (why isn’t it a cup of Luke or Eric, Joe is such a schmo). Anyway… mmmmm coffeeeeee


I need to decide what to wear to the marathon I run in just 3.5 weeks. the marathon I am wildly unprepared for due to injury and illness. hopefully enthusiasm will help me not embarrass myself and the rest of the state I represent……. maybe I’ll fall down with style during the race so that no one will think twice when I practically crawl across the finish line. I was so excited when I was invited to participate and now I feel like such a dolt. It doesn’t help that during a conversation with someone that outranks me in my unit offended me when after they asked what I needed to qualify for the team and I told them 4:30, they responded with “THAT’S IT?!?!”…. I responded lyrically with “I’m not fast, but I’m faster than the people that don’t run marathons”… I didn’t realize how offended I was by that remark until I relived that conversation today.

Back to what’s important… what to wear. I could rock my first tutu to add some joy to my funk. I also have seriously considered a star wars tank since the race is May the 4th…. and it’s Star Wars Day…. I’m also quite sure that I will probably actually have to wear some obnoxious colored and too-large-for-me t-shirt that says something about the TN-Army National Guard on it… I could use some brainstorming ideas from you folks. Maybe an iron-on so that if they DO make me wear a shirt, I can make it my own? I don’t usually run in t-shirts since short sleeves bother me…

nerd at heart... ;)

nerd at heart… 😉

most epic lunch EVER

most epic lunch EVER

Moving on… I’ve decided I have a really random new celebrity that I adore (not really all that random if you know I’ve been Glee obsessed for weeks now)… Darren Criss. Today, I just discovered his cover of “I’ll Make A Man Out of You”…. it’s officially more official than it was yesterday… I MUST SEE THIS GUY LIVE or die trying…. MUST…

ignore the crappy conditioning of the video visually, but just listen to how he reinvents a song that was already so good!

In other news, I was FINALLY promoted this weekend… it’s not really a big deal at this point, it’s just a symbol of the time I’ve been in and the fact that I’ve done nothing to hinder my growth as a soldier. It was the most awkward and unofficial pinning ever, but it was all mine. 🙂


I also discovered the joys of acting like a toddler with a toddler recently… Played on a playground for hours, simple entertainment in a parking lot for an hour (where he hulk smashed the itsy bitsy spider and I died laughing), and then out for ice cream

IMG_2067 IMG_2071

In the bottom picture, Mr. Eli Apple is sporting a chocolate icecream beard. While tasty, it is also mighty sticky and relatively hilarious.

I also used a rest area in the sunshine to play with flowers and knock out the 30 pushups of the Spartan30 Challenge for the month of April.  I’m working on catching up today because of the Hulkules (Hulk + Hercules in case you’re lacking on the dorkiness required to get that, which is likely a good thing) of all colds knocking me down and kicking me while I was down. I went 6 full days being inactive. I made my gentle return to CrossFit today, also. I have my husband to thank for bringing home chicken soup on Monday, I swear it was the turning point… the pivotal moment that made my cold begin to retreat.

IMG_2046Coffee is gone. It is time to return to functional life and prepare dinner before I nap since I work 12hrs overnight as a dispatcher tonight.

What are your thoughts on participating in a mini-competition for CrossFit one week before the marathon I’m already ill prepared for? It’s only 2 workouts (unless my team somehow mysteriously places in one of the top two spots because then there is one head to head workout)…. It’s only 30 bucks and it would knock something off of my to-do list for 2014… … …

So I need fashion advice and participation advice….1…2…3… GO!


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