14.5 and My Open Review

I cannot put into words how badly I do not wish to relive those minutes that never seemed to end while I endured 14.5….

14.514.5….. I was seriously sick thinking about it ever since I saw it announced and watched the 5 CrossFit monsters complete it unbroken.

I was trapped inside my head with “I have to finish it or it’s a no-go”….
“The clock can’t save me”…
“65# Thrusters?!?!?! I’ve never even finished Fran with 65# and this practically asks me to do double her thruster number”….

I joked on Facebook about doing it at 0530 Friday but having to call out of work on account of death or vomiting…

I decided to work and then hit the gym after.  I was early so I cheered on others while I warmed up.

My husband strolled into the gym and my little heart danced. Paul isn’t a part of the gym for a few months while he is doing some ranger training with some of the soldiers in his unit… It’s so wonderful to see him come in to support me and keep me moving.

Countdown… 10…. 9… 8… F**K I don’t wanna… 7… 6… 5… 4… Fran only has 45… 3… I can’t do… 2… Fran let alone this 1… Aw hell….

I tackled my thrusters in sets of 3 and was hurting before I finished my 21. My plan was 3 the whole time, drop, breathe, pick it up… repeat

I just kept moving. My judge kept coaching my thruster form and I discovered the art of using the hips to help the shoulders out during the set of 12. I am still not fluent in thruster though. My judge and my husband helped keep me moving through the neverending sea of burpees and jumps.

Everything felt so slow motion to me, but I just could not go faster. When I got to 9, I was fighting back the urge to vomit.

Most other people were done. They came by to cheer for myself and the few others that were still working.

Eventually, the clock stopped because I finished all 168 reps of this terrible workout.

what you thought you couldn'tI finished in 23:47… I seriously didn’t think I would finish it coming in. I was hoping that I could, but honestly feared that I couldn’t…

Apparently the 24 min sweat fest wasn’t enough time for Paul to snag a picture of and it’s just as well, it would not have been pretty.

84 65# thrusters…… holy hell. i did it.


THE OPEN (Review)

  • 14.1- 30 Double Unders and 15 55# Snatch (ground to overhead): Nothing welcomes you to this competition that’s supposed to be beginner friendly like double unders and snatches! I managed 146 reps in the allotted 10 minutes. I learned that I CAN do a 55# snatch (new PR) and that double unders aren’t impossible for me, but they need A LOT of work. (I left that day with a pretty significant injury I have battled since in the muscle that runs from knee to ankle.)
  • 14.2- I can’t even simply explain it, so I’ll just share the image…
    14.2I saw this and practically threw in the towel. Here I am faced with 15# more than I have ever OHS AND I’ve never done a chest-to-bar RX.
    new goal
    Dragged my feet into the box, left with a score of 13… When I got done with the OHS, I just laughed and told my judge that I didn’t see that coming as I got up on the bar and struggled through the three ugliest chest to bars ever, but they were mine.
  • 14.3- DEADLIFTS oh joy… in an ascending ladder with increasing weights!? Gee Why not?! 15 box jumps break up the sets?!… I dread deadlifts. I seriously struggle with them. I muscled my way through 91 reps in the 8 min time constraint (45 were box jumps). When I got to 185#, I almost gave up, but my judge wouldn’t let me. I squeaked one rep out before the time was up after having done 45 other deadlifts… Words cannot express how excited I was about that.
  • 14.4- Rowing for 60 calories, 50 toes to bar, 40 wall balls (14#), 30 cleans (95#), 20 muscle ups….. I wasn’t worried about the muscle ups, knew I wouldn’t get there (not even in my wildest dreams)… Was hoping to finish wall balls… Failed to do so the first time and was convinced I was dying with the severe taste of blood in my mouth…
    Woke up two days later with a surplus of determination and walked into that gym with CONFIDENCE (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? never happened before) and walked out having completed 152 reps (INCLUDES 2 POWER CLEANS!)
  • 14.5- You just read about how I did not quit. I couldn’t look like a sissy in front of my husband!

I AM capable of more than I thought.
I HAVE no effin idea what my 20 dollars paid for.
I DO NOT believe the open is beginner friendly, but encourage people to legitimately give it a go! YOU WILL surprise yourself.
I WILL do it next year, because I have a year to work on my skills and I like blowing money. 😉
I WILL improve.
I AM addicted.
I CANNOT wait to feel more confident in the gym as an athlete.
I FEEL accomplished (but it took me until today to feel that way).
AND I feel like I earned the featured image… I was a 2014 open competitor and I conquered myself. That’s a win in my book.

2014 Open Competitor



8 thoughts on “14.5 and My Open Review

  1. Nice work!!!!!!!!!! The Open was tough. I found the c2b pull-ups in 14.2 super discouraging as well!!! And I’d have to agree that it was not beginner friendly. I was almost to the one year point and really struggled with almost half of the movements.

    • I’m right there with you. May will be my 1 year anniversary…. granted, I throw in a lot of running and inconsistency…… it made me analyze how I approach normal WODs and stuff. I’m less worried about besting others around me and more worried about functional movements now. I suppose The Open gave us perspective, huh? but we survived 🙂

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