A Week In My Life……

I’ve kinda been MIA for the last week. I’ve kinda dropped the ball a bit on the blogging.

Life has kept me uber busy since I decided to get cardio training back into the mix! I decided it’s time to move forward (with caution) and extra work on mobility…. that makes everything more time consuming….

Allow me to catch you up, and make my life seem more exciting colorful with photos!

I worked overnight Sunday.
Came home and took an epic 3hr nap.
Grocery shopped like a pro.
grocery shop
Did 10 rounds of 10 95# deadlifts and 100m sprint in 9:53. (hubby surprised me by stopping by to cheer me on!!)
Did 45 min of cardio. Tanned.
Made Buffalo Chicken Muffins
Went shopping for new running shoes. Ordered someone online since it saved me 50 dollars
week (2)
Knocked out the hero WOD “Klepto” 4 rounds of 27 box jumps, 20 burpees, and 11 squat cleans (I did 75#) 20:16
Went on base to do some Army medic training with my husband’s unit (like I have every Wednesday for several weeks now)
week (4)
Walked the dog 3.21 mi.
photo 1 photo 2
Did Yoga… once I made it to the final relaxation poses, Roxanne either thought I was done or dead…
yoga with dog
Made dinner. Ate. Made dinner for Thursday since I work.

with this much chopping, I'm lucky I still have all of my fingers

with this much chopping, I’m lucky I still have all of my fingers

Woke up RETARDED early to hit the gym for 45 min of cardio
week (1)
Worked 8hrs as an EMT
Went to crossfit and worked on core, thrusters, and pullups
Waited for 14.5 to be announced. Practically puked once it was announced.
clock can't save you
Worked 8-4 as an EMT.
Forgot my lunch (BUT WENT TO WALMART FOR FRUITS AND VEGGIES AND TUNA AND GUACAMOLE…. the m&ms fell into my bag, I swear)
Thought about 14.5 ALL EFFIN DAY
Went to the gym when I got off work and cheered for people doing 14.5. Then did 14.5. Recovered. Then snacked while I cheered for and yelled at other people doing 14.5… HUBBY CAME TO WATCH ME DIE “KILL” IT. (I will discuss this when I do my Open recap)
photo 4
Now, I’m working 8-4 as a dispatcher where I have the freedom to sit/stand/drink water… pee…

There you have it! 5 Days in My shoes…

3 thoughts on “A Week In My Life……

    • haha. I will share my thoughts soon. I gotta do drag my butt in for a bodyweight workout, then maybe I’ll consume coffee and do my open summary Be on the lookout. haha. I’m notorious for being way, way delayed with my posts… . My crossfit skill level is significantly behind yours, but maybe I’ll be there one day 🙂

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