CrossFit Open 14.4… Me VS Me

For those that don’t know what 14.4 is, I have it here for you… now you will understand my story.
NOTE: the featured image is not me, but I did curl into a ball at one point… haha. no evidence of me so I borrowed her.

ImageThis was announced Thursday evening and my response (posted to facebook, of course) was “How long does it take to row 60 calories for a normal human? oh… 50 toes to bar… That might take me a year…. 40 Wall balls… I’m sure i’ll just bust those out like a pro after the rowing and struggle getting my legs to the bar…. Cleans? I’m pretty sure I won’t make it that far, but I do know that I can clean 95# at least a couple times…… Muscle Ups?! Folks, 14.4 has a sense of humor!”

I strolled in Friday at 1115 am (sore as all hell from the workout I did on Wednesday, damn DOMS) because I slept without an alarm knowing I was running on significantly less sleep than my body needed. Warmed up. Stretched. Worked on a couple mobility things….. Then I judged my partner first since she was rearing to go. Her row was beautiful… powerful but not overuse… turns out she rowed through high school. Anyway, I suck at knowing what to say to help motivate people, but she did a great job once she got off that bar and killed the wall balls and knocked out 11 cleans before she ran out of time. My turn…. she coached through my row (very very tough from my standpoint because it turns out i’ve rowed wrong my whole life…. who knew?!) and I rowed too fast with too much power. I got off that machine feeling DEAD barely alive and could taste blood. I got up on the box to start my toes to bar and was just winded with a dry throat. It was terrible. I knocked out the toes to bar one. at. a. time. It felt like I spent forever up there. FINALLY it was time to head over for wall balls. Sets of 5 until time ran out and my score was 139… which means I got through 29 wall balls. I felt dead. Thought I might puke. Laid on the ground in the CrossFit recovery position. You couldn’t have paid me enough to believe that I wasn’t bleeding profusely from the mouth that’s how intense that taste was in my mouth. Part DOMS, part dehydration maybe… idk…. it was awful


Then the coach asked us all to gather together for a photo…. none of us wanted to stand. It took longer than it should have to roll my ball over to the group to place myself on the far right. I am not cuddly and loving after I die errr I mean live so fully.

noon 14.4It took many minutes to catch my breath. It took me HOURS to be able to breathe normal (and deeply without coughing) and recover.


I knew that my gym would be open from noon to 3pm. I woke up feeling unwell… ate a solid and healthy breakfast… took a shower… got out of the shower feeling determined…. I guess I washed away all of my negativity?

I was hoping that my husband would come to cheer me on because, let’s face it, no one wants to look pathetic in front of their spouse. He didn’t come… I watched the others go before me and just kinda felt…. silly. I tried to conquer the part of my mind that was comparing myself to them……

you vs youThen I realized it’s me vs me…. I am trying to beat my last score. I walked into that gym TODAY because I felt CONFIDENT (for the first time quite possibly EVER) that I could best what I did on Friday. Why was I letting the people that were showing what hard work is to them make me lose sight of that!?! It should motivate me!

Finally, it was time to go. I got off the rower just a bit slower than I did the first time and I was very tired, but I wasn’t gassed like I was last time. Made it to the toes to bar and did something like 4 sets of 3, then 4 sets of 2, and then 30 singles………. and had 2 no reps….. but I GOT OFF THAT BAR WITH APPROX 5 min left…. 2.5 min better than last time. ish. I knocked out my wall balls in sets of 5 and 3. FINISHED WALL BALLS. Moved over to the power cleans with just over 1:30 to go… I have a hard time with 95 pounds on a normal day and I am very tired with a weak grip… I tried and failed the first go. Then I managed a hang clean (i have a problem with jumping to generate power due to my calf)….. my judge didn’t know if it counted…. then I reset, took a deep breath and did a 95# power clean. Then ran out of time.

13 point improvement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so very thrilled. I beat me. I walked in with confidence and did what I came to do. I feel like a champ right now.I walked out feeling like a boss.

I encourage you to give it a go ;)

I encourage you to give it a go 😉

There you have it. Me VS Me for 14.4.

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