Catchup with Shamrock Shake Fail

photo 1Okay, I have a confession….. I’ve been struggling with a slight depression with my injury and have done really well with sticking to my paleo plan. I did have bulking thoughts. haha. I mean, what better way to channel injury frustrations than to bulk up some?! So when I saw this, I burst out laughing. 🙂

I have been getting into the gym and modifying workouts as needed in order to accommodate my injury. I have done mobility work catering to massaging out my calf. Monday felt like a good day to get my crossfit on…

400m Run
21 Cleans 155/115
21 Pullups
400m Run
15 DB Thrusters 45/25
15 Pullups
400m Run
9 Cleans 155/115
9 Pullups
400M Run

I can’t run, so I rolled the row machine out to the sunshine and got my row on.

photo 1Clearly, I am having the time of my life out there….. ROWING IS HARD WORK. hooooooooooly crap I was DYING and wishing I could run… cursing people as they ran their laps around the building and I rowed with increasingly tired arms.

The sunshine was so incredible that I could not resist the two mile loop around the Chattahoochee River with Miss Roxanne.

today (1)We are actually going up the steps here… I was forcing her to practice patience since stairs are my nemesis right now. She didn’t care too much for it.

photo 2Beautiful mural on a building we passed. I wish the vehicle wasn’t there and that the sunshine was behind me… but this photo has an odd charm to me.

I forced myself to actually look around me as I walked. I tried to watch people without appearing to be creepy. I saw a man teaching a woman how to ballroom dance on the riverwalk. I saw families just out enjoying the sunshine and the breeze. I listened to my music and tried to actually listen to the words instead of just hearing the words and beat.

Tuesday, I rolled out of bed at 5am with sleep still singing so, so sweetly… begging for me to give in. I almost did. I jolted out of bed realizing that would mess up my plans! I got ready, fixed some preworkout, and drove to Planet Fitness with a tough Chest and Tris workout planned and intentions to get some core work in. I accomplished my goal and walked out of there feeling great. I threw some chicken in the crockpot (first time using it!!!) before heading to work… I was so excited to be fixing my husband dinner after being apart for 8 days. When I got home, I roasted some broccoli in the oven and boiled some baby carrots while I waited for my husband to FINALLY grace me with his presence. 🙂 🙂 the chicken was incredibly dry considering it was in moisture all day, but he was appreciative of the effort and for the real food (since army food is NOT real food).

Today, I did 3 100# hang-cleans consecutively which was incredibly exciting since my 1 rep max for power cleans was 100# the last time I tried. We had a primal pizza casserole for dinner (recipe to follow soon) with a small spinach salad. My hubby made a Paleo Shamrock shake that I was SO SO SO SO excited to try. WHEW. It was NOT what I was expecting. It smelled like play-doh, but tasted faintly of mint. Paul said he used honey and he thinks he should have used agave. It really had potential though. I’m not really good at experimenting and improving recipes though…. So if you have a gift for these things, please give this a go and tell me what you did different to make it good?!

There you have it! All caught up! 🙂 Now I leave you with this thought:

photo 4I’m trying so very hard to work on this. Negativity only breeds more negativity… Don’t be afraid to dance on the Riverwalk if that’s where you want to dance. Positivity breeds good and progress. Be enthusiastic. Be positive and bold… Live your life. Smile and make others smile.

2 thoughts on “Catchup with Shamrock Shake Fail

  1. Being injured is just pants – I hope you get better soon! Good on you for embracing the cross training though, from the sounds of it, you won’t be losing much, if any, fitness as a result of not being able to run for a while! I can just picture you there, rowing away while staring longingly at the other runners going past, trying not to freak them out too much… 😉

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