I’m A Fighter

After spending two days depressed due to my inability to walk/run/crosstrain for my marathon training, I realized I can still get up off my ass and be active. I can always do some upper body and core work. So I dragged myself to the gym on Thursday. It took a LONG time to find momentum since an object at rest really truly wants to stay at rest. Newton sure knew what he was talking about.

The Purple-Welcome-Palace (Planet Fitness) doesn’t have a lot of free weights, but they had what I needed to do what I needed! I did break one of the rules… “no supersets”… ooooooops. haha. I worked bis and tris after I carefully warmed up with 10 minutes on the elliptical.

Superset #1: 4 sets of 6
Close Grip Bench (used smith machine) – 70#
Straight Bar Curls – 40#
Superset #2: 4 sets of 10
Hammer Curls – 15# DBs
SkullCrushers – 25#
Superset #3: 4 sets of 10
Cable bicep curls – 40#
Cable tricep pressdown – 50#


You didn’t even have to pay for tickets to this gun show 😉 I felt like my arms were going to bust! haha. Then I did a 400 rep count core workout that I cannot remember to save my life. It sure did it’s job though. My core is sore. 🙂 Of course my arms are too.

Then I plopped down and watched more Glee (surprise, surprise) while I waited for 8:15 EST to find out what horrors 14.2 might hold for me.

14.2First of all, I’ve never done an overhead squat (OHS) over 45#… Secondly, my OHS do not look like hers… Thirdly, I don’t even pay attention to the chest to bar (C2B) pullups because I know I’m not gonna make it there.  BUT there is no jumping or running, so I decide that I will make an attempt on Friday. I am hunting down an OHS pr and have 3 minutes to get it.

I mosey on into my gym at noon on Friday. I set up my 65# bar in such a way that after I fail in my first 3 minutes, I can drop weight and keep working because our gym was having a 15 min AMRAP style workout for those not doing the open and those in the open that wanted a full workout.

3… 2… 1… GO!  I clean my 65#. I press my 65#. I drop the weight onto my back. I adjust my hands wide and press my 65#. I take a deep breath and squat carefully………. and stand back up. I think “HOLY SHIT. I just did that” and move onto rep 2…. 3… my squats are slow but they are counting. I make it to 5 and have to drop the bar. I take a deep breath and repeat what I just did. I think “Oh crap. I didn’t expect to make it to C2Bs… uhhhhhhh”. I walk over to the bar and one by one (not consecutively) I kip and wiggle my way up to complete the three f-ugliest C2Bs in the history of CrossFit….. I run out of the ability to manipulate my way up the bar but do manage a couple other kipping pullups before 3 minutes is up and it’s time for me to drop the weight and keep working…….

I DID 10 65# OVERHEAD SQUATS when I was merely hoping I would somehow manage 1 to remain in The Open legitimately.
I DID 3 CHEST TO BAR PULL-UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when I had completely dismissed the idea that I would be capable, but I didn’t have to worry about that because I had completely dismissed the idea that I would have a chance to try.
I SCORED 13 and walked out of that gym feeling like I had hit the jackpot lottery. High fives, smiles, a pat on the back, and a great sense of accomplishment were my rewards.


I fought for those reps I earned. I embraced the fighter in me for 14.2.

I did continue working, I hopped onto a band to keep working on pullups and I dropped my weight for OHS. I then worked on mobility of my left leg since somehow I had pissed it off. While I worked on that, I watched the next group get their 14.2 on. Holy mother of motivation…

IMG_1669[1]This guy (I have never seen him before and don’t even know his name) scored 137. He was knocking out his OHS like they were nothing. His pullups he did the first 4 sets unbroken. It was incredible.

It was a gorgeous day so I decided to attempt to take the pooch out for a walk.

IMG_1700[1]It wasn’t pain free but I took my time(ish) and enjoyed the sunshine, the cool breeze, and fresh air.  It felt like spring. , We even took time to stop and smell the daffodils. 🙂 We accomplished 2 miles or so. I considered walking another loop but don’t want to push too far with my injury.  I’m attempting to practice patience.

Patience is a necessary element of being a fighter….
I’m A Fighter.

7 thoughts on “I’m A Fighter

  1. I really love this – it’s awesome that you are finding ways to stay active even though you can’t currently do what you’d really love to be doing. I think there’s so much to be gained from cross training – you’ll be tough as nails when you can run again! 😀

  2. Wow! Way to go! I’ve never done crossfit before so I don’t know many of the terms but it sounds intense!!! I love your arm workout, I’ll have to try it next time for working my biceps.

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