14.1 Destroyed Me…

alright, so here’s the deal… the other night I had a nightmare about the first workout in The CrossFit Open….. 14.1….. I watched the video that demonstrates what to do and not do right before I went to bed Saturday night. I was worried about snatches since I’ve never even tried to snatch 55# but once I found out that it’s a ground to overhead movement I relaxed. I drifted off to sleep shortly after and woke up tears rolling down my face and my pillow soaked. I vividly remembered my dream…

Somehow I thought that the order went 15 snatches and then 30 double unders… I completed the 15 ground to overhead movements and then moved onto the double unders. My grader was a girl from high school that had snatched (purposeful pun) something from me before. A boy. Yeah 10 years later apparently that haunts me…. weird right? anyway!  I was diligently working to knock out my 30 double unders and my grader wasn’t paying any attention. I was nearing 30 as I approached the 8 minute mark with shins and calves absolutely covered with whip marks.  I asked her what number I was on. She said 15 as she was texting… I burst out into tears. Yeah… R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S. I know.

So finally Monday rolls around and it’s time to get my 14.1 on and it turns out the workout starts with the double unders… my nightmare…. I was so nervous I was sweating… time to begin….


I make it through the first set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and moved onto snatching…


I received a significant amount of encouragement from the people watching as well as some tips. I did successfully snatch 55#… I got a PR during 14.1! WOOOOOOT! My grader was trying to get me to jump to create more power but I couldn’t because of my left leg. I needed to save jumping for the double unders. I complete my 15. Time to move back to jumping….

IMG_1619[1]and more snatching. I did have to start clean and jerking.


and jumping…. I’m really tired by this point but I can hear my judge urging me along and helping me by letting me know where I’m at when I get tangled.


and snatching…. Well ground-to-over heading…. I can hear my husband. I know others were saying things but as I struggled to keep moving it was my husbands support that I really felt more than heard.

this makes it look like i'm celebrating... maybe I kinda was ;)

this makes it look like i’m celebrating… maybe I kinda was 😉

I went in thinking that the rope was going to kick my ass.  I went in wondering whether or not I could even complete a snatch at 55#.  I went in with a heap of self-doubt and I limped out with a fat-ass smile on my face.

My score was 146. Much better than I thought it could be.

now that issue of limping…………. uhhhhhhhhhh……. sharp stabbing pain at random in my lower left leg… peroneus longus and peroneus brevis… it was visibly swollen. I went in to roll it out today.


I did my best for 20 minutes. I think it helped some. But I still have random sharp pain. I was supposed to do crosstraining and crossfit today. I obviously skipped those today.  I’m not handling this rest very well. I have a marathon in less than 8 weeks…. I’ve watched a ridiculous amount of TV due to the inability to move/walk.  I’m addicted to Glee now. Hubby apparently isn’t excited about that.



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