Celebrate Small Victories!!

I have a hard time with baby steps…. I struggle with patience when it comes to strength training. I am so focused on where I want to be that I don’t enjoy where I am…..



Is celebrating them with cupcakes an option?? Don’t act like that cupcake doesn’t look amazing.

I started my day off on base where I did some training with the hubby’s unit and got a good chuckle out of the choice of object for the mock M16

IMG_1461[1]Then I took my happy ass to the gym to knock out the 6mi I was not looking forward to on a treadmill. As I changed from my uniform to running clothes, I witnessed a gal’s enthusiasm as she scoped herself out in the mirror. I don’t judge when people do that. I feel like we all do it in search of progress. Well when she saw that I saw, she told me she got the first two abs in… “I GOT A TWO PACK” she exclaimed. I laughed and congratulated her. Her enthusiasm was incredible… well she kept talking and let it fall out of her mouth that she’s been on her fitness adventure for 5 years and has lost over 300 pounds. That blows my mind.  She has recently discovered strength training and is seeing some muscle growth that is thrilling her. She reminded me that you should always celebrate small victories…. I congratulated her once more and headed out to the hampster wheel.  I finished despite struggling with finding a rhythm. I was POURING sweat. I got it done and then took a pic as I stretched afterward.



and then I took a note from the enthusiastic gal from earlier and took an early flex it friday photo 😉



I got home and this licking ball of fur wouldn’t leave me the heck alone we we played fetch. Twice actually. Tired her out. Let her nap. Made her go play again. I know, I’m such an evil mom 😉

IMG_1487[1]Hubby got home and it was time to head down to our CrossFit gym to get some strength training in. We decided to work on benching.  Paul rowed for his warmup and I decided to give double unders my attention. I’m glad I did. I have a new record of 8 consecutive double unders. Previous record was 3 and I have been SERIOUSLY struggling with even PRACTICING those beeeeetches recently. Add in the factor that I had run 6 a few hours prior and I was excited, but wanted 10. Moved over to the bench and discovered I’m weaker than I thought and it’s probably a good indication of why I suck at pushups so much.











I got increasingly more frustrated as we went. Hubby had to remind me that maybe benching didn’t go well, but I did make progress with my double unders. I had a reason to leave with a smile on my face. Not every strength day is going to be something fantastic. My 5 rep max with proper (back stays on the bench) form is only 75 pounds. Sometimes you discover form issues and have to take a step or two back in order to progress stronger…. I now know what I need to work on and where to start. I look forward to the progress!!!


THEN WE CELEBRATED LIFE WITH SUSHI 🙂 I have no picture (I know, I know…. FAIL) because neither of us walked into the restaurant with our phone!!! It was really nice ❤

How do you celebrate your victories? Do you exclaim to a stranger? Snag a photo? or does it take someone else shaking you for you to realize you have made progress yourself?



2 thoughts on “Celebrate Small Victories!!

  1. Regardless if the victory involves one more rep or adding 5lbs it means something! It shows progress and makes you happy overall. I tend to celebrate my victories by sharing it with others or just mentally. If I have a great run where my pace is amazing then I’ll share it, if I get a high current power during a Flywheel class I celebrate mentally!

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