Big, big, BIG deal to me. The best part is I didn’t need a blitzing time or anything to qualify. I qualified with a 4:23 and a few seconds. The cutoff was 4:30. I’m the first in my unit to ever go.  That means the world to me to know that I may be able to inspire others. I didn’t even know it existed.  So now I get to go to a workshop and run a marathon in place of a drill weekend…. in a new state so I can check it off my list too?! COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOO stinkin’ excited! My one goal is to PR while enjoying myself. I announced this on my facebook and received over 60 likes. That’s more than I’ve ever gotten. The amount of support and words of encouragement are mind boggling….

Reality sets in as initial extreme enthusiasm wears off a little:
I haven’t been running… due to injury
I go to a CrossFit gym which means no cardio machines
I have 11.5 weeks until the race May 4.

I went to Planet Fitness (its SO clean in there) to snag a cheap membership and decided I wanted a tan and to be able to bring people…. so I went with the black card. I was in uniform since I had been on Ft Benning doing some EFMB training today. I will share the conversation with the girl walking me around now…..
“We allow no distracting grunting or anything. We’re great for people just beginning to work out and we cater to making them as comfortable as possible. Free weights are no heavier than 60lbs. Are you physically active?”
(I cannot imagine what my facial expression was…. I refrain from looking down at my uniform) and say “yes”
“What is it you hope to accomplish here? A little toning?”
“I am just here because I need cardio machines to train for a marathon. I do crossfit, but I need cardio machines”
“oh that’s neat. what all do you have to do for a marathon? run a little and what else?”
(baffled by her position in a fitness facility not knowing that a marathon was at least completely running) “uh. No. a lot of running actually. 26.2 miles of it”
 “you’re crazy”
“That seems to be the general consensus…..”

badda-bing-badda-boom…. there you have it. I’m a member of 2 gyms with no plan and I haven’t been running consistently for months….
I just recovered from injury…
I have now been put on the truck as an EMT (more physically demanding)…
and I’m still training on my own time for EFMB…
Life is full steam ahead right now and I’m thrilled (and scared)…..
mostly thrilled. definitely enthusiastic.

10 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS…. THIS JUST IN………………

    • haha. Thank you! 🙂 I’m glad my enthusiasm is contagious. That makes me feel good! 🙂 I have 2 days to create a plan for my brother to critique for me… I’ll share it on here once I figure it out…. 🙂

  1. Congratulations. Lincoln Marathon is a great race, awesome support. People stay up until midnight the day registration opens just to get their spot, because the race sells out within hours. I think you’ll enjoy the race, and Lincoln’s a great city.

    • WOW! That’s amazing. That speaks well for the race!! I look forward to visiting. I hear great things about the weather that time of year as well as the support. I feel even more privileged to be part of a sold out race!

  2. Wow well done! That’s so exciting. I’m a bit confused by the gym girl’s conversation though. Surely she should know what a marathon entails? How weird. Anyway, looking forward to reading all about your training 🙂

  3. Congratulations! That is also pretty crazy that someone who works at a gym doesn’t really understand what a marathon is. Maybe it was her first day?

    • Thank you!!!! I think it’s the type of gym that it is… it’s the no gym intimidation no grunting place… I guess people are more comfortable when the people working there don’t know? idk. haha. well she knows now.

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