Opinions… and goals

Opinions... and goals

they vary greatly… but fall into 3 categories… This coffee example is perfect… You have your optimist, your pessimist, and your realist… I actually think there is a fourth category of the “i-don’t-give-a-crap”ist but generally speaking, they don’t need to be mentioned, they shouldn’t matter.

Your goal may be to run a 5k or a 50k… you will have people that say you will do it, won’t do it… it’s great, or it’s bad for you… “you’re crazy” is also a common opinion… You will have plenty of people that don’t care… Semantics….

Surround yourself by optimists but make sure you are in-touch with some realists (like a doctor or phyisical therapist… or other experienced runners)…

Same applies to anything in life, lofty occupational ambitions, travel dreams, bodybuilding, “dieting” (aka healthy lifestyle to those of us that aren’t actually dieting but everyone tells us we are), and anything else…. I follow the Paleo diet, you would not believe the crap I catch from it. (In that case, I prefer the “i-don’t-care”ist…)

The point is this…. In the end, one opinion matters… Yours…

But just like with coffee, you won’t likely be satisfied with what you just got, you will thirst for more. Welcome to the world of running. 😉


2 thoughts on “Opinions… and goals

  1. Amazing how opinionated people can be about something like that, especially as you run long distances with steady energy and they go through a sugar roller coaster, by golly you are STILL on the wrong diet.

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