Declaration of a Better February

ImageI am just gonna say forget it regarding photos from the New Orleans trip. It’s fast approaching a month since we went and hubby is still harboring his portion of the photos on his phone.

Anywho, I was supposed to be on a super clean streak with my eating since the not-so-clean-but-quite-delicious eating vacation. That was kinda going okay…. Sorta. But there was a lot of excuses and laziness on both of our parts.  There was a lack of motivation…. then we did an obstacle course Sunday morning in my uniform with my heavy boots, and had my ACH (helmet), FLC (Vest with pouches and things), and my pro mask (chemical warfare mask) and I got over a 7′ wall.  It was my first time making it over solo. It took 4 attempts… but I did it. That calls for a cinna-bration! (Yes, that just happened.) I inhaled my delicious ooey-gooey cinnamon roll that really could have stood to have a little more cream cheese icing.

The Super Bowl and the commercials weren’t good enough to distract me from my feelings (not guilt, I did NOT feel bad about that Cinnabon). I didn’t like that my goal was to eat clean and control cheat meals better post New Orleans and double half marathon trip. Well, now February will be clean and controlled. I feel like by announcing it to you, it makes it official.

We do eat mostly Paleo (somewhere around 85%) and take lunches to work to help support that. He won’t give up his glass of milk with paleo food pyramiddinner (but it is whole and organic now), we added peanut butter back in (working on the moderation part), occasionally we use parmesan cheese, I do have oatmeal for breakfast every now and then, and I am clinging to coffee and creamer like my life depends on it (speaking of, I need a refill)…. All in all, I don’t think that’s doing too badly 🙂 but we slide off track easily. The lure of Taco Bell, cheese, and midday desserts (cake) for hubby…. M&Ms constantly call to me, pancakes, Mexican food, and frozen yogurt bars….. especially M&Ms.

So this is me declaring that the rest of February will be dead on… leading up through a detox of sorts as I wean myself off caffeine (GASP!) in order to ditch the creamer and have better control over sugar. ALSO, I will not allow excuses to be made regarding working out. Gains are not made with excuses, but with work.

Yesterday was Day 1 and aside from the severe craving for shortbread cookies (because I saw the package) it went well.

The hubs and I burned off some energy at CrossFit last night where we endured
7 Rounds for Time
15 Buterfly Situps
15 Supermans
10 Thrusters (135/95)
10 Kettlebell Swings (70#, 53#)

We scaled to our capabilities and Paul did a killer job sticking with the weights he had chosen. I was quite proud. ❤

One last thing, I am currently reading 14 Minutes by Alberto Salazar… Has anyone read this book? Or does anyone know the history and stories associated with him? Holy crap, what an intense man. I am not a outstandingly religious individual, but I do believe… and this book moves me. I love so many things about this amazing man. I love his intensity and passion. I absolutely love reading about runners. There is something magical about them to me. I will wait to say something about him more when I finish the book.

What’s your favorite book about an athlete?
What draws you to a certain athlete?
What characteristics do you look for in a role model?


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