First Light Half-Marathon Review

okay, where did we leave off… ah, yes… pizza and salad at Newk’s and hitting the road for 3 hours to get to Mobile.

I don’t think I was in that car for 10 minutes before I was out like a light for around an hour. Something about stuffing my face post half-marathon knocks me out. I wake up with a sudden realization of “oh sh!t. I need to hydrate, not only did I run today, I run tomorrow.” So the race (lots of racing going on) was on to pump fluids into my body.

First personal impression of Mobile, AL: odd.

First personal impression of Mobile, AL: odd.

Paul figured out where to park and I practically sprinted away to get into the building where packet pickup was because my hydration plan was clearly working. I ran into some fancy ladies and that just threw me for a loop. I still have no earthly idea what the heck they were doing, but whatever, to each their own. We collected our packets, grabbed a race course map, and set outIMG_0903[1] to wander the streets of Mobile (which is quite an enchanting little city). We saw a movie (we saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on Friday and we really enjoyed it) before dinner; we watched Saving Mr Banks (delightful).  I know, I know… who travels somewhere new and then hides out in a movie theater? We do. haha. For dinner, I wanted some place with “real food” (meaning veggies) so we headed out towards our hotel and found Cheddar’s (cheap AND delicious). I practically inhaled my carrots, broccoli, and salmon. Bedtime after the hubs pops my 5 blisters for me and I fall asleep thinking about how fun they will be tomorrow.


I dressed like a confused traffic light.

I dressed like a confused traffic light.

5am comes early (as it always does) and I got ready to run. I had informed him that I wanted him to run with me because I knew I could use the support. The race started at 730, so we were able to snag a little breakfast from the hotel at 6am. We both had a carb product with peanut butter and some water. Mmmm peanut butter. It’s a chilly morning and we decide not to do a gear check so we head to the building that is open for our use up the road from the start line. I snag a couple before race pictures and then Paul self-sacrifices his time in the warm to take our stuff to the car and I meet him at the startline.  At some point it dawns on me that there are no chips, meaning “unofficial” times. yeeesh.

I’m fully expecting to run 10 minute (and change) miles and have apologized to Paul for the pace a hundred times at this point. Then they count down and BANG, its time to run and we start our own watches when our feet toe the startline.

Miles 0-3 my plan was to just trot along allowing my legs to loosen. I have issues pacing myself when someone faster is running with me but I did fairly well with controlling the pace… I started this race grumpy as hades and jealous of everyone’s headphones happily staying in their ears (husband included in people i’m jealous of). Paul sees the first potty and decides he has to go. Mild relief for me, I stay to the right so he can find me and just keep going at a manageable pace.
Miles 3-5 find me getting frustrated with the sounds of people’s feet around me, if someone’s gait was too obnoxious for my ears, I would surge ahead. Paul was trying to cheer me up, but his jolliness made me wanna punch him. He does make me smile and laugh a few times which at the time only made me want to punch him more.
Miles 5-7 I feel fine, great actually, but I’m bored. The course is flat, we aren’t running through the town like I had hoped and I’m tired of running. Paul knows I’m miserable (mentally more than physically) and takes out the headphones so I can listen to the song that was playing “I love you this big” by Scotty McCreery. How cute?! Then it dawns on me that we are almost in uncharted territory for the hubs (just before mile 7) as he has never run farther than 6.7mi straight and he’s out here running 13.1 with me. MAJOR change in attitude here.
Miles 7-8 I’m focusing on the marathon/half split. I remind myself that I’m more than 75% done with my weekend running, what’s 25% more? NOTHING, that’s what. Eavesdropping usually keeps me entertained and I discover that many suffered from GI issues after the pre-race spaghetti meal that was offered. Insanely glad we went for Cheddars now!
Miles 8-12 I am counting down the miles and projecting a finish time. Paul is being obnoxious and making others smile. He’s collecting high fives and asking people at left turns if he is supposed to turn right. Oh, and every time he see’s a dog, no matter how gigantic, he exclaims “PUPPY!” I collect a high five from a man wearing a Michigan State hoodie (Go Green!). I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy myself some throughout these miles, but I still despised the course and was jealous of music listeners. Paul shared one more song with me, “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes (one of our songs). Around this point there are two women that have singled us out as their target. I was determined NOT to let them pass us (they did once, but I waited until time to strike back). I could hear the distinguishable pattern of the slap of the soles on the asphalt of one of them so I knew if they were coming up…
Mile 12-13.1 I don’t know what Paul was thinking, but by this point he has a reserve tank, my reserve tank is running on fumes. He keeps pushing the pace. Pushing, pushing, pushing… hand in hand we cross the finish line and we stop our watches…. 2:05:10

I know, I know... I shouldn't steal the proof... Don't judge me. I'm half a step away from paying for it anyway.

I know, I know… I shouldn’t steal the proof… Don’t judge me. I’m half a step away from paying for it anyway.

I would be lying if I said “oh my medal is awesome”…… you gotta keep in mind I got the daddy of all race medals the day before……… this “medal” was piece of wood with a sticker and a couple pieces of paper mache and a ribbon. Hmmph. Poor Paul… ran 13.1 mi alongside his grumpy ass wife to get a “medal”. On the bright side, it only gets better from there for him. I went from WA-BAM to WTF?! Meh, oh well.  Nothing can spoil the “holy crap I just did that” feeling for me.

Paul was, without a doubt, my sanity for this race. To be frank, I was more proud of him at that finish line than I was of myself. I felt relieved. Whew. That’s over.  Now I’m eligible for Half-Fanatics too! 🙂 I only have one more scheduled event and that’s the Spartan Race. Until I can figure out what the issue with my ankle is, I will not waste any more money just showing up for events.



After the race, we went back to the hotel and got cleaned up before going to IHOP to stuff our faces 🙂 Man, I love me some IHOP. Then, we headed to New Orleans for vacation! The 4 day summary will be posted within a day or two. I’m trying here folks. World’s worst blogger…. trying to fix that. I’m worlds best at succumbing  to ADHD.


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