Be Patient!

This year I went and sent lofty goals for New Years. It seemed like it was a damn good time to do so. As a result, my blogging and face booking about my passion has taken a bit of a sideline. One of my resolutions is to spend 30 min a day on either or both. Fitness is a big deal to me and I love sharing my experience and reading about others. With that said, I have also taken upon myself to train for a badge in the military (since I’m national guard, I have to do it on my own time). It is literally a full time job to prepare for the expert field medical badge testing. I’m fortunate to have my husband helping me. I have two halfs this weekend that I’m incredibly ill prepared for (one in Jackson, MS and the other in mobile, Al) which will give me 3 medals for the price of two! Vacation begins tonight at midnight but I feel like it really begins when we get to New Orleans Sunday afternoon where we will have the cheapest vacation possible! Be patient folks, I’m under construction here. I am terrible with time management because I’m easily distracted and have issues with prioritizing. Perfect example, I should be studying now. 😱 whoops.


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