The Ultimate Distraction: Books and Facebook

IMG_0207[1]I mourned the death of a series… I hate when they end. My friend loaned me her favorite series (The Wayfarer Series) MONTHS ago. I couldn’t seem to pick it up. I read a book that my brother shared with me called “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll. Man that was a hard one to swallow, the entire time I wanted to smack this guy. In the end, I have a great deal of respect for that crazy ass man. Then I turned to this book for unknown reasons… I don’t know if anyone out there has ever read it, but it was just what I needed.  It was about a 17 year old young man that had to face the demons of his past as well as help someone with darker demons than his.  His parents had went down in a storm years prior and he believed it was a monster he called “the she” while his brother turned into the type of person that was narrow minded and needed proof, visible proof, for everything. Was it an amazing book? Not particularly, but the combination of the two books was perfect for me at this time. At 0430 Thursday morning, I was finally ready to begin the series my friend had given me to read… HOLY CRAP WHY DID I WAIT SO DAMN LONG TO START IT! It’s sooooooooooo good.  I spent 5 hours yesterday and 2.5 today getting wrapped up into that world… Then it was time to be productive. I have some work to do on a course required of me by the military before I can do anything cool that will take 20+ hours……


I got my cup of coffee and Paleo pumpkin pie bar and sat down at the computer. I logged into facebook. Oops….
I did the Little Known Facts thing on FB… After I finished, I was pleased to discover I had painted a pretty accurate picture of me… So I am sharing it over here now for my readers.

1. I am not a leader, but am a skilled adviser. I lack the ability to come up with something out of nothing, but was granted the analytic skills necessary to make a good plan better.
2. My favorite veggies are bell peppers and asparagus.
3. There is a good chance that at this time next year, I will be attending school full time in Oregon on the journey to obtain a degree in performance based exercise science.
4. Everyone should know I am addicted to M&Ms, but I doubt many know that I eat them one at a time, first eating the candy coating, then the chocolate.
5. I rarely stick to a plan and do most things irrationally because I am relatively impatient (example: running in a 12hr race after not running for 2 months or 9 weeks to marathon training after not running for 5 months)
6. I have far too much cheese in my deli drawer for someone that eats Paleo. (I rarely use it and am slowly weaving the magic on Paul to ditch cheese)
7. I will run a race in every state. I cannot decide if I am just gonna keep in general and say half-marathon or greater or commit to a marathon in each state. I still have a bad taste in my mouth after Saturday’s marathon.
8. One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is meal planning, shopping, and prepping with my significant other…. however, my other half would rather not be involved… I don’t like making all of the decisions, but take great joy in it nonetheless
9. Generally speaking, I am a recluse. The most talkative recluse I have ever met, I almost think it’s my shield.
10. I feel the need to prove something to myself and have yet to do so. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I can feel it inside me that I haven’t done it.
11. I easily get absorbed into things. Obsessively… books, TV series, fitness information….. I am naturally curious and I love the escape that obsession offers.

OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. I’ll quit procrastinating now! Geeeeez.

…….just as soon as I go refill my coffee. 😉

One more thing: I didn’t even know #10 until my fingers typed it out onto the screen.

What are you reading currently?!
Do you ever mourn the end of a particularly gripping series?
What is your favorite series? I may read it in 6 months 😉
Made any self-discoveries recently?!


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