Soldier’s Marathon- Race Review

hahahaha. I cannot help but laugh at myself right now. I ran a marathon 5 days ago and am just now rolling around to the recap. In my defense, for ONCE it was not for lack of determination to get on here. The hubby took the pics and they wouldn’t come onto the laptop and then I made the mistake of allowing him an early Christmas gift that granted him access to the desktop, then work, malfunctioning wireless, being a good wife (making the meal plan and taking care of groceries and other chores) and books have zapped the rest of my time.

Time for a bit of time travel magic… we aren’t going back far…. just to Saturday morning. 🙂Soldier's Marathon (1)
I wake up early because I seem incapable of sleep the night before a race. I get dressed and make breakfast for Paul and VanEric (oh, I could mention my friend came into town Friday night for the weekend). They crawled out of bed finally and ate their food. It was time to head out to Fort Benning while the sun rose to pick up my bib (which was somehow mixed in with the half marathon… I was assured this was an easy correction. Silly me believed them…. you will understand soon).
BeforeMarathonI snagged a few pics before the race.
1. Me and my wonderful hubby 🙂
2. Me and my bad neon self with my number and the fallen hero I ran in honor of, SSG Brandon Silk.
3. VanEric and I… gotta love a friend that is willing to drive 5-6 hours to endure the joyful pleasures of tracking down a runner on a brisk autumn morning after waking up quite early. 🙂

During The MarathonNow come the fun details…. my mental endeavors while I plodded along for 26.2mi
Mi 0: WTF my music isn’t playing words into my headphones!?
Mi 1: Oh crap. I did my math wrong when I told the hubby where to meet me for a new GU.
Mi 2: I chit chat with runners around me to get a feel for what they are hoping for and such. GAH! I know that hill is coming… OH! Hi Mr Steep Ass Hill…. are those drill sergeants lined up this hill?! hahahaha. that’s awesome!!!!!!! YAH! I just killed that hill! DOH! I still have a long way to run. Damn you drill sergeants!
Mi 3: watch check. oops. I’m running too fast. Well it feels right so I’m gonna keep it up.
Mi 4-6.2: Man this is going well. 10k in under an hour… This is the perfect stroll.
Mi  7-13: CRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSING. I’ve ditched the headphones at this point. We have left base and have entered the familiar Riverwalk and I can just zone out.
Mi 13.1: *glaces down at watch* oh shit. I just did the first half of this in 2 hours. I’m going to regret that…. How fast did I run the last 6.9mi?!
Mi 14: OH HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII PAUL AND VANERIC. SO NICE TO finally SEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU. 😉 I’m feeling amazing!!! Oh… not so nice to see you leading marathon guy…. you have only 6mi to go…. tradesies?! (top left pic)
Mi 15-17: Just. Keep. Swimming… er I mean running.
Mi 17: ***SMASH*** Oh hi wall. I was really hoping I’d never meet you.
Mi 18: I’m gonna walk and eat my GU…. doot doot doot. I look up to see Paul and VanEric. Crap. I’m gonna run again now. (top right and bottom left)
Mi 19-25: AAAAAAAAGOOOOOOOOOOOONYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY… I’m NEVER going to shake this wall! there was a lot of mental battle type phenomenon going on right here. extreme pain and grunting when I walked, drag and slap feeling going on with the feet… mind screaming WTF!?!? I’m crashing and burning. I should have drank more water. How come I never stick to preparing properly for things?!
Mi 25-26: I feel strong. I feel amazing. I am not moving at a lightning pace but I have found a slow steady determination. I come up onto a man who says “oh thank goodness it’s you. I was worried about you there for about 4mi when I finally passed you. You look great. Go for it.”…. the 4:25 pacer is creeping up on me and also compliments me and how I look great… this mile was amazing. But it did, in fact, get better.
FINAL .2mi: (bottom right) up the line of flags, one of the most amazing pieces of earth I’ve ever been on. SO many emotions going through my head… There are names lining the concrete in bricks are of fallen infantry men. I am frustrated. I lost SO much time on this second half. I’m caught off guard by my husband laying on the ground to take pictures. I am “sprinting”. That drill sergeant didn’t know what to think of me.  He runs ahead to also catch me crossing the finish line. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I am given my medal. I am grinning and gritting my teeth. I am in pain and I am elated. I have never felt like such a clusterfuck in my life. I am starving but I really only crazy a coke zero and water. I am frustrated but proud…… I lay claim to the fact I’m never running a marathon again. That was awful. I plod through the line where snacks are. I claim my free beer and give it to Paul.  I creep over to where my friend is and sit in the grass… my IT band in my left leg SCREAMS at me…. I just lay back. om nom nom nom water.

Soldier's Marathon (23)Soldier's Marathon (22)Paul tells my brother how I did.

My brother tells me he is proud.

Paul says he is proud.

It takes a while for me to calm down.

4:23:30 is my official time.

Not bad.

Lessons have been learned.

Time to go get dinner.

Soldier's Marathon (33)Damn fortune cookie reminds me that I will run another marathon. I do not give up.

Next time I will improve with the lessons I’ve learned this time.

I have to remind myself I trained up for this marathon in 9 weeks from not running. and I didn’t run a but 6 miles total in the 16 days leading up to the marathon.

Soldier's Marathon (24)I didn’t even know I had injured myself during the race until the next morning.

Soldier's Marathon (32)This looks small. but it’s not. This is the hill that the drill sergeants were lined up more than anywhere on the course.

I’m taking my week of recovery. Half marathon in Panama City 3 weeks from Saturday! eeek. 🙂

There you have it.


11 thoughts on “Soldier’s Marathon- Race Review

  1. Man, you are sooooo hard on yourself! Great run! Totally jealous and I’m never running with you. Well, unless it’s a relay so you can make up the time I drop. 😛 I love to read your blog. I get out of breath just listening to you because I swear I can hear you say every word. Recover good – Panama awaits!!!

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