I’M ALIVE! you can stop worrying now :)

Not that I was doing too well with my blogging anyway… it turns out I got even worse. Since I last gave a substantial update, A LOT of things have happened!

Halloween happened!photo 1
I spent 3.5 hours active on cardio equipment!
I took a GU at 1hr, 2hr, and 2:45.
I rotated every 15 min in order to keep myself entertained.
Biking is no joke. My quads were on FIRE.

Holy crap that was a challenge.
I paid 7 dollars to visit that gym.
I got my money’s worth! 🙂
photo 2

My brother and his wife (James and Rachel) opened their home to me for the few days I was in town and to a couple friends of ours for Halloween night.

We chowed down on pizza and these festive things. Rachel made a delicious trail mix too! I ate guilt free. haha.

Arnold is the lady bug cat and Lilly is the bumblebee dog.

We enjoyed our evening watching Ernest Scared Stupid while trick-or-treaters made their rounds. (there was a lot of pausing).

EMFBWhile I’ve been living life and enjoying movies and freedom…. my husband was working his ass off to earn his Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB). He went through a week of on-site train-up and then a week of testing.  He survived land navigation at day and at night.  He completed 3 different lanes with like a dozen tasks to accomplish. He passed a written exam that asks questions from a wealth of field manuals and things available to study.  and Nov 1 he had a 12mi ruck photo 4through loose footing (most of it) with a 3hr deadline… when he passed that, he had earned the EFMB. That is a huge deal. 11-17% pass rate depending on who you ask.  I am insanely proud of him, and equally jealous.  Now, it’s my turn… but that’s another story for another day. I have to fight for the opportunity, but I have Paul to help me train.

photo 3Nov 1 was much easier for me.
Enjoyed the scenery.
Cleaned up the house.
Organized my stuff.
Ate a clean dinner with James and Rachel

Then on Nov 2, at 5am, I drove 2.5 hours to my friend’s house in Murfreesboro because it was drill weekend.

photo 5We did land navigation (which I was really looking forward to so that I could work on that since I’m awful) but I was the acting medic so that meant I was just responsible for the people. I found a giant leaf and overruled a E6 Staff Sergeant when he was just going to leave the 2 people that wandered off and got lost.

My Absence (2)My friend (Best, the one I am staying with during drill) took me to a place where you create your own stir fry for dinner. I was in heaven folks.

I went to bed pretty dang early and was thankful for daylight savings.

My Absence (3)I love this girl. She is my sanity during drill weekends. I wish we lived closer together.

I am in the process of doing everything in my power to get the opportunity to go to EMFB to earn that for myself. It will not be an easy journey. The gov’t shut down cancelled our range trip and I have a qualification requirement I need to fulfill.  Our PT test is cancelled for 2 change of command ceremonies next drill.  On top of that, I don’t know of anyone in the guard that has gone to compete.  I did get to speak with the commander and drop the idea.  He joined my challenge group on Facebook, I used that to open conversation.  Where there is a will, there is a way. Dream big, work hard….. that’s my game plan right now.

When I got home late Sunday night, I hadn’t seen my husband in over two weeks.  I was practically attached at his hip for the next 48 hours.  We accomplished a lot actually.  In our time apart, I got awesome not perfectoverwhelmed mentally (very easy for me to do. VERY easy) and vented everything under the sun to him. Now we are making lists, plans, and brainstorming. We are making decisions together and working together. It only took 9.5 months for us to figure it out. haha.

Paul and I have picked out a half marathon next month and it will serve as his first. We have already reserved our hotel in Panama City. I will probably register for the race later tonight. I’m excited.

In other news, Paul and I have made the executive decision to put a hold on CrossFit for a few months. We both have a lot on our plates. Strength training is still insanely important and we are in the process of developing a plan.

There you have it. You are now up to date.

OH! MY FIRST MARATHON IS ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soldier’s Marathon on Ft. Benning! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’M ALIVE! you can stop worrying now :)

  1. Good luck on everything!
    My first marathon I got really bad IT band issues in training. The only thing that didn’t hurt was the elliptical, and I remember well spending 3+ hours on that infernal machine. Luckily there always seemed to be a marathon of Saved by the Bell on the TV at the gym. Gave me something to distract me.

    • haha. ahhhh, good ole saved by the bell. I don’t know what I do on those machines. zone out and listen to music… the 15min increments truly helped. when I finished I had no idea what I was thinking most of the time. It was like I was in some odd terrible time warp mentally. haha.

  2. Great recap! I’m sure being at home with your husband after that much time apart was wonderful. Love that you picked a Panama City 1/2 … I (C) am originally from Northwest Florida. Good luck with your marathon!

    • I wanna run a race in every state and that is within the distance my husband is allowed to travel outside of the military base without permission. So Panama City is perfect! 🙂 will recap the marathon sometime tonight or early tomorrow. worst. blogger. ever. hahaha. 🙂

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