3 Collages to Share My Weekend

Fri2.4DogWalkI’m gonna keep this simple. Colleges for the weekend.  Odd weekend. Sleep deprived, frustrated… but there were good moments!

Roxanne and I went for a midday stroll on Friday to try and loosen up the legs from Thursday’s monster 18mi run and to encourage me to feel like I did more than nothing that day. It was a chilly but gorgeous day!


Saturday I hung out with a good friend of mine and we went to Oktoberfest where there was a petting zoo and you couldn’t use cash anywhere. You needed to trade it in for tokens. I watched a stein hoisting contest (beer mug held straight out arm parallel to the ground) and watched kids (mostly siblings) beat one another up with pugles… Oh and I saw the Velcro suit and bouncy thing for the first time ever. That was entertaining too… the ice cream is from Thursday, but I had to share it.


And then there’s today. Trying to heal… buying time… having a super bad day (another blog that I’m going to try and compose at a later time)… I took the dog for a 5mi walk since I can’t really run. I probably should have done nothing, but I couldn’t do nothing. It was 70 degrees and gorgeous. I needed to go out, so we did.


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